We have deprecated few features in our SwiftKanban application. This topic lists all of those deprecated features based on their respective releases.

Release 10.6

The  OLD UI of SwiftKanban has been deprecated in the 10.6 Release.

Release 10.3

The Team Dynamics feature on the Kanban Board has been deprecated in the 10.3 Release.

Release 8.18

The old UI of the Timesheet Report has been deprecated in the 8.18 Release.

Release 7.12

The Board Chat feature on the Kanban Board has been deprecated in the 7.12 Release.

Release 4.23

The Classic View (Old UI) has been deprecated. So, from this release onwards, you can access the Modern View (New UI) only.

Release 4.19

Following Web Services under ExtensionService have been deprecated:

  • addRelease
  • updateRelease

Release 3.5.13

Support for JIRA plugin for integration between SwiftKanban and Atlassian JIRA™ has been deprecated. But, you can still use SwiftSync for the same purpose.
SwiftSync is a simple, intuitive, and wizard-driven integration tool that helps you map data elements between a SwiftKanban project and one or multiple JIRA projects seamlessly. To know more about SwiftSync, visit our Digité website, or contact us at [email protected].

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