We are back again with a few, but significant updates to SwiftKanban. Here’s a quick glimpse of what has been added and changed in this version, v2.3 :-

Kanban Board Enhancements
Board Lane Re-sizing

You can now resize the lanes on your Kanban board and make any lane wider/ narrow in the multiple of Card Size by using the drag-drop slider that comes when you hover on lane borders. This should be very useful feature to adjust the board layout based on the volume of cards in various lanes. The below screenshot shows a board with middle lane expanded to fit three vertical stacks of cards.

Filter Board By Due Date

You can now filter the Kanban board by ‘Due Date’ and see the cards that are due to be delivered in selected time frame.

Card Auto-Assignment Policy

Based on the feedback from a lot of you who do not want Card Owners to be assigned automatically when a card is pulled, we have added a new policy option to enable/ disable this behavior.

Convert Card

You can now change the ‘Card Type’ of a card and carryover all its details to the converted card, using the new ‘Convert Card’ option that is now available for the cards.

View Linked Card

You can now navigate to ‘Linked Cards’ view from th Kanban board using the newly added ‘Linked Card’ link under ‘Options’ menu. The user interface for linking cards has been improved as well and one can simply click on the ‘Search and Link Cards’ icon and enter card id + Enter key and select a card that needs to be linked. An interface to configure ‘Card Type Link’ definition has been added as well, that lets you control which card types can be linked together.

Edit Card Comments

You can now ‘Edit’ the comments added by you, to make any required corrections. The edited comment would be shown with the new timestamp when comment edited.

Card Layout Improvements
We have made following improvements in the card layout  based on the feedback from all the users :-

  1. The Card Icons are not shown by default and show up only when you mouse-over on the card, enhancing the default visual appearance of the cards.


  1. Two new attributes, ‘% Completion’ and ‘To-Do Estimate’ have be added on the Card Carousel, providing you quick status for the same on board.


  1. When no users are assigned to the card, no avatar image would be shown. This should differentiate the ‘Unassigned’ cards from the cards where a user has not put any avatar image.


Card Hierarchy Enhancements

Card Type Link Definition 

A new interface has been added to define the Parent-Child or other types of links between cards. This governs which card type can be linked to other and by what relationship.

Card Hierarchy Across Projects
You can now use Parent-Child links across projects i.e. add a child card to another project/ board. This could be very useful in requirement decomposition that could be executed by different teams, across different board. The usability for the parent-child definition view has been enhancement as well.

Metric Enhancements

Filter Metrics By Size/ CoS

Two new filter options have been added to the metrics, to allow filtering of Lead/ Cycle time metrics by Card Size and Class Of Service.


Persisted Metric Filters

The filter options selected for generating various metrics like Lead Time/ Cycle Time, Throughput etc are now persisted so that you don’t have to select it every time.


Do send us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected]. You may even post them on the SwiftKanban Community page.
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