It’s always exciting to be back with some great updates for you in our releases! In this release v 1.4.4 , we have added several features requested by many of our users, specially those who still use some elements from SCRUM methodologies, such as ability to plan releases upfront and then execute the release scope on a Kanban board. We have also worked on other usability improvements that are handy for large scale Kanban deployments and will continue to do the same in coming releases.

Here are the highlights of SwiftKanban release version 1.4.4:-

Define & Manage Board By Teams(Beta): This is a very handy feature that can be very useful for users who work with large Kanban boards that involves multiple teams. SwiftKanban now allows grouping members in ‘Teams’ and using the Team parameter to filter the Kanban board/reports and track the progress of various cards assigned to a specific team. We have released only a small set of capabilities of this feature in its beta version that leverage ‘Team’ grouping for now. We want you to try it out and give us your inputs/suggestions on how else you will like to use this concept. For help on this feature, see Define and Manage Teams page.

Release Planning and Visual Tracking (Beta): For many of our users who still use ‘SCRUM’ , or ‘SCRUMBAN’ (a combination of SCRUM and Kanban) we have enhanced the interface of ‘Release’ module in SwiftKanban to enable a simple “Release Planning” capability that allows defining of Release Capacity and scope in a easy-to-use drag-drop interface and this scope can be executed on the Kanban board. There are built-in visual indicators to indicate the release progress and capacity utilization. If you don’t plan your releases upfront and only deploy cards in batches, even then the interface would be useful to just look at the release scope and release throughput. Please do give it a spin and let us know if you will like any other features around release planning. Read more about this feature here…

Configurable Unit of Measurement (UOM) for Estimates: You can now define card estimates in ‘Points’ or any other unit of measurement you use and see it on your cards. SwiftKanban provides organizations this great flexibility to use a single unit of measurement across projects, based on business processes. Read More..

Easy Movement of Cards on a Large Board: If you have defined a fairly large board, specially with different Smart Lanes and have the need to move cards across the lanes, drag-drop interface was becoming cumbersome in that situation. We have now added a “Move” option on the card, that’ll allow you to move cards to any lane without scrolling through the board. Read More..

We heartily thank all our users who directly or indirectly, provided their valuable feedback to bring out the above features. Do send us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected]. You may even post them on the SwiftKanban Community page.

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