We are back again with a few, but significant updates to SwiftKanban. Here’s a quick glimpse of what has been added and changed in this version, v2.0.1 :-

Bookmark your Kanban board and Cards
You can now bookmark your SwiftKanban board or any card in your favorite browser to revisit directly. SwiftKanban board and cards now come with permanent URLs that can help you to access your board or card quickly (login required, if session is not active) and save you a few navigation clicks. You can also share/enter these links in any external application, making cross-referencing easily possible.

Print/Download Cards
You can now Print/Download your SwiftKanban cards in a PDF file for archival or use it as an attachment in any external system. The printed card contains all the card details, including To-dos, Comments, and Activity Log. Read more..

Define/ View Card Type Policies
The description that you add to any card type acts as an explicit policy that can guide the usage of various card types. This can now be viewed by the team members on the Kanban board before adding a card by just hovering on the respective ‘Card Type’ label in the ‘Legend’ menu..Read more…

Metric Date Range Improvement
Average Lead/ Cycle time metrics have been improved to now show the average times for cards that are archived within a selected date range. This could help tremendously in analyzing the recent performance of the team against the previous duration or analyzing the outcome of any process change. Previously, the average lead/cycle times considered all the cards archived in the project and were cumulative averages; these can still be viewed by setting the ‘Start Date’ of the metric filter to the an earlier date or using the ‘Yearly’ time period that has been introduced now. Read more..

Improved Card Assignment
Changing the Card Owner has now been made more intuitive. The Search list now shows the currently selected members at the top, making it easier to un-select current owners for any re-assignment or adding another member on the same card. Read more..

Do send us your feedback and suggestions at [email protected]. You may even post them on the SwiftKanban Community page.

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