We are at it again, with some cool new features, including several of your suggestions!

Here are the highlights of SwiftKanban v3.5.7:

New! Net Work-Time Report

Get a report of the ‘net’ work-time for each card while the card was in an “in-progress” lane, and was neither blocked or unassigned.
This way the actual work on a card can be compared to the initial estimation.


Better Control on Card Aging with User-defined Buckets

Based on a lot of user feedback, the Card Aging view is now simplified to indicate the ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ cards, and a prominent ‘aging’ clock interface.
Up-to four levels of user-defined aging buckets (which is interpreted as ‘days’) for each card type, for each project – in the Board Editor view

Card Aging Based on User-defined Buckets

Based on the aging buckets, cards will show the aging clock as follows:

User-controlled CFD Colors!

Choose your own colors for each CFD column to avoid duplication and to make it visually appealing, or better highlighted.
Select the color for each column in the Board Editor, by picking from the color palette.

Export CFD and Burndown Charts to Excel for Deeper Analysis

The CFD and the  Burndown charts  can now be exported in MS Excel format, along with the data.
IMPORTANT: The filter options selected for viewing the charts will also apply to the exported data.

Board Playback Enhancements

The Board Playback has been enhanced to provide easier playback operation:

  • Rewind and FF buttons that toggle between 1x 2x, 4x, 8x and back to 1x
  • A Back button to move a step back, to see, for example, which lane a card was moved ahead from.
  • Enhanced Date Slider to show progress and also to manually push the playback forward or backward
  • Date on the top-right corner to track the board playback date
  • Mouse-over a card, when playback is paused, to see details of the card.

Burndown Chart Filters

A filter is now available for Burndown charts to view chart for specific card types.
The filter will also apply for the exported file.

We hope you like these improvements!

As always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Please keep them coming on the SwiftKanban Feedback portal and let others vote on them as well!

If you see an error or an issue, drop us a quick note on [email protected]

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