This release introduces several enhancements and new features.

Let’s explore them one by one here:

Performing Bulk Card Operations Gets Bigger and Better

We have extended the Bulk operations and have covered a couple of other card operations under this functionality. Now, you can significantly reduce time and effort in executing following card operations in batches:

  • Move Card
  • Clone Card
  • Archive Card
  • Delete Card
  • Convert Card
  • Transfer Card
  • Update Card Fields including Custom Common Fields

Just select the cards, and then select any of the above operations in the Footer menu below your Kanban board.
You can update card attributes and flags in bulk also.

Card via URL

Accessing your card made easier. You can now copy a card URL, and directly open it in the browser, or share it with others.Opening the shared link will flash the card on the board, provided the user has the access to the board.

Flag’s Name in Comments

Earlier, in the Comments tab of a card, the comments added for different flags couldn’t be differentiated from normal comments. But now comment for a flag will have its flag name prior to it and can be identified easily.


Issue: <Comment> ,

Unblocked: <Comment>

Tracking Due Dates and Flags Gets Easier with the Home View

The Home view gets richer with the addition of two new boards: Due Date and Flags.
The Due Date Board offers you a better visibility of the commitment dates in the form of columns. Each column represents a particular due date range- Overdue, Due This Week, Due in 2 Weeks, and Due This Month.

The cards are extracted from the various boards where you have the Managerial access and placed in the respective columns as per their due dates. The Filter, Sort and Zoom options are also available in the Due Date Board.

The Flags Board provides an aggregated view of cards having issues, risks, or blockers across various boards where you have the Managerial access so that you can take a prompt action on those bottlenecks.
The Flags Board has four columns: Multiple, Blocked, Risk and Issue. The Multiple columns contain all those cards having more than one flag. Each column also shows the number of cards it currently has.  The Filter, Sort, and Zoom options are also available in the Flags Board.

New Web Service – getBoardCards

We have introduced a web service getBoardCards that fetches details of cards from the Boards.
To know more about the getBoardCards web service, see this Help topic.

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