We thank all our Beta-users, who have explored the Beta version of SwiftKanban, and provided us with their valuable feedback. Your excellent response and feedback has enabled us to come out with new and improved features in our product.


Significant features introduced in the GA Release of SwiftKanban are highlighted below:

Online and Offline Notifications

You can receive notifications as soon as any event occurs in your project. Adjust your email notification settings to receive notifications for individual events or a Daily Digest of all the activities at the end of the day.

If you are logged in, you can take a look ‘right’ into the Quick Links widget for all the notifications. So you can set or reset your notifications anytime in your profile and stay updated all the time.


Flexibility with Custom Cards and Attributes

Add your own card types other than the default ones (Defects, User Stories, etc.) to suit your specific Value Stream and processes. ‘Color-code’ them so you can identify them easily. Further, you can even add your own fields i.e. attributes to any card type to capture information relevant to the work-item and disable unwanted fields or mark them optional. 


Policy Implementation for Collaboration

Enforce adding comments to a card when moving it from one lane to another so the team is well-informed. Choose to notify with alerts when cards are moved without closing tasks within the card. Read more…


Familiar MS Excel Interface for Export/Import

SwiftKanban lets you export work items or backlog to a file so you can edit it in Excel and import cards in XLS format from other applications into our project. You can even export your project details to an Excel file if you want to share or view it someday. Read more…

Better Tracking with Board Filters

You can filter the cards based on the attributes i.e. Size or Class of Service to narrow down your focus. Read more…


Additional Card Metrics

You can now monitor metrics with detailed Charts views available to analyze the Average Work Time, Wait Time, and Block Time for all or specific Card Types over a period. Read more…


WIP Limits for Parent and Sub-lanes

Set WIP Limits to both, Parent and sub-lanes such that the parent lane need not sum up to the WIP limit of the child lanes or just turn it off by entering -1 as the WIP limit. Read more…


Other features are listed below:

Ability to assign cards to multiple team members

  • Assign multiple owners to a card if you feel work can be better managed by multiple team members. See Add New Card.


New Card Views- Backlog and All Cards

  • Two new views namely ‘Backlog’ and ‘All cards’ have been added. “Backlog” provides a quick view of all the pending items and “All Cards” gives a consolidated list of work cards.


Editing Card from the Kanban board

  • Edit the card details such as owner, size, estimate, etc. right on the board, no navigating around the application. See Edit Card Details.


Card Archival from any Lane

  • Archive the card from any lane; the card may not necessarily complete the workflow to be archived. See Archive a Card.


Landing Page for the project set to its Kanban Board

  • The Kanban Board is what is primarily monitored for a project is set as the Landing page for a project.


Inbox & Notifications widgets with Indicator for total items

  • Inbox and Notifications widget in the Quick Links widget flags the Count of Items in your Inbox and the Notification widgets for your attention.


Date Format and Time zone setting options

  • You can set Time and Date to match the Time zone and Date format for a user when adding the user or as your own preference.


License Summary for the Login Account

  • My Account Summary displays your account information such as License Activation Date, Expiry Date, Modified Date, Contact Person, etc.
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