Hurray!! It’s a celebration time for all the SwiftKanban lovers as we complete a decade. We appreciate your continued support that has helped us to improve collaboratively and evolve experimentally. In this release, we are super excited to introduce:

  • A new User experience that is rich; yet, simple, logically organized and intuitive.
  • The FIRST Kanban tool with an AI-powered Similarity Recommendation engine.
  • A pre-loaded Sample Analytics page for better understanding of our Dashboards.
  • Business Rules General Availability (GA) release.

Let’s take you through this exciting ride for the next 2 minutes…

Note: Pre-loaded Sample Analytics is currently available for SaaS customers only.

Highlights of New Board Layout

SwiftKanban has got a new look! With the new Board Layout, we have brought in some industry-proven best practices of the new-gen UX design like:

  • Re-designed Control Panel and Menu Bars.
  • Prelabeled icons and re-positioned modules for more intuitiveness.
  • Configurable options re-designed into well-explained tile layout.
  • Notification panel and Filter/Preference criteria are more intuitive with fewer clicks.
  • View of “All Cards” or just yours.

Visit this page to learn about all the new improvements in the New Board Layout.

Important Information about New Board Layout

  • New Board Layout is currently in Beta mode.
  • The new Board Layout will automatically be enabled. If you still want the comfort of the old Board Layout, you can switch back for now. Please give us feedback on how you’d like us to improve the User Experience.
  • Post Release 10.0, the default color theme is Indigo. If you had a different theme prior to Release 10.0, you will be taken to the default theme. You can always change it to one of the other available themes.

AI-powered Similarity Criteria

Having details of similar cards can save your valuable time and boost productivity. SwiftKanban’s AI engine recommends similar cards for the current card. You can refer to them to get work done faster and more accurately, reducing iterations. All you need to do is hit the “bulb” icon on the top right corner of the card when you are editing it.

SwiftKanban’s AI engine works on a configurable criteria definition. It allows you to search for Similar cards from the current Board or other Boards.

Learn more about it from this page.


  • This feature is currently in BETA.
  • AI-powered Similarity Recommendation feature is currently for SaaS customers. If you are an on-premise customer, please contact us at [email protected].
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