This realease introduces various several enhancements and new features.
Here are the highlights of SwiftKanban version 4.5:

Announcing SwiftESP – SwiftKanban Module for Enterprise Services Planning

For any enterprise, it is critical to improve their business service delivery models. To do so, they must look at all their internal functions as service delivery units that deliver services within the organization efficiently, so that the organization as a whole is able to delivery it’s services to its customers in the most optimized manner.

This is the focus of Enterprise Services Planning or ESP, from Lean Kanban, Inc, under the leadership of David Anderson. To learn more about ESP, please visit

If you would like to understand Enterprise Services Planning and be trained on it, please contact LKI via the website above. If you have already gone through an ESP training program, and would like to evaluate SwiftESP, please contact us at [email protected].

The all new SwiftKanban’s ESP module is the result of the collaboration between Digité and Lean Kanban, Inc. (LKI)/ David J Anderson to build a Kanban-based ESP product to help organizations streamline their enterprise services delivery.

This release of SwiftESP includes Predictive Analytics, Portfolio, and Risk Assessment. The ESP module leverages statistical techniques, exploits patterns and predictive models, and enables service delivery managers to understand their organizational capability and decide what work to take up next, based on the risk assessment of projects or initiatives in a Portfolio.

Together, the SwiftESP capability and the Enterprise Kanban capabilities of SwiftKanban can help you define and manage portfolios much better, analyze the risk of delay or execution of various corporate initiatives and select the right ones, while helping you comprehensively analyze your organization’s demand for services vs. capability to deliver those services.

Portfolio Lane: Tracking Parent Cards Simplified!

Introducing a special type of swim lane, the Portfolio lane, to help you visualize and manage parent (portfolio)-level cards and track their % completion progress.
% completion of a parent card # of child cards completed/ total # of child cards it has. Based on the completion %, parent cards automatically advance in the Portfolio Lane, visually indicating their progress to portfolio managers.

To know more about the Portfolio Lane, see our Help page.
Note: Exclusively available to SwiftKanban Enterprise License subscribers.

ESP Analytics – Visualization at its Best!

Considering the rapid transformation of business objectives, it is imperative for you to build a dependable and scalable business strategy. While SwiftKanban gives you a better view of work progress, actual capacity, and bottlenecks of your project, ESP Analytics takes this a step ahead and provides rich analytics with which you can extract insightful, predictive data as per your requirement. For more information, refer ESP Analytics.

Note: Available only to SwiftESP paid subscribers.

Visualizations provided include:

  • Capacity Forecast
  • Demand
  • Capability
  • Scope Forecast
  • Liquidity

Risk Mitigation – Made More Powerful

Risk Management plays a vital role in Enterprise Services Planning and related disciplines such as Portfolio, Project, and Release Planning. To efficiently plan and manage risks, it is essential to have a well-defined risk assessment framework that you can configure as per your requirement.
You can refer to risk assessments and their visual representation under Risk Profiles and accordingly take informed decisions to mitigate the known risks.

Note: Exclusively available to SwiftKanban ESP module subscribers

Take advantage of this feature to make crucial decisions of choosing between two entities that are at risk. You can now compare the risk involved in these entities by simply selecting them on Kanban board and choosing Compare Risks option.

To know more about the Risk Management, see our Help page.
Note: It is essential to first define risk on the cards that you want to compare.

We hope you like these improvements!

As always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Please keep them coming on the SwiftKanban Feedback portal and let others vote on them as well!

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