SwiftEASe – Relentless Improvement in Value Delivery with Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)


We are excited to announce the release of SwiftEASe in the recently concluded SAFe® Summit in Texas, held from 2 – 6 October 2017. With this Digité launches a new, tightly integrated tool for planning and managing the entire software delivery process based on the SAFe® framework.

SwiftEASe provides end-to-end enterprise agile lifecycle management that enables teams at all levels– enterprise, portfolio, program, and team— to collaborate and deliver software faster. SwiftEASe allows you to get instant visibility of your strategy and investments across portfolios, teams and value streams; and create any combination of Work Boards, corresponding to each of the SAFe® levels, allowing teams to execute Essential SAFe®, Portfolio SAFe®, Large Solution SAFe® or Full SAFe®.

You can create highly configurable work decomposition hierarchies spanning multiple Work Boards and use Flow Efficiency, Constraint Analysis, and other advanced metrics to push forth in your journey of Continuous Improvement. SwiftEASe helps you quickly Scale Agile to your Enterprise!

The SwiftEASe release includes the following features –

Visual Management with Work Boards

Swiftease Visual Management With Workboards

Model all your SAFe® levels with the visual Work Boards for each level. Define the Value Stream specific to each level – with WIP limits on columns where needed/ possible. Set up all work items at each level using Cards. Define links between boards using the Card Hierarchy links. Use the multi-level Zoom feature for higher levels of abstraction to assist in Visual Management. Highlight issues with cards using Flags, Risks, Alerts, etc. on your cards.

Configurable Hierarchies

Swiftease Configurable Hierarchies

Create configurable work decomposition hierarchies that can span multiple Boards using the flexible Card Hierarchy feature. Create your own configurable work item types and define ‘valid’ parent-child relationships to suit their needs. Use these relationships to define the parent-child links between cards on one or multiple Work Boards. Get status update roll-up from child cards to parent cards at each level, all the way to the top. Easily track the status of the hierarchy using multiple visual cues on each parent level card.

Dependency tracking

Swiftease Dependency Tracking

Use the powerful Dependency Boards to allow teams to track dependencies across any number of teams and highlights potential conflicts. Visualize your dependencies for one or more cards at a time. For complex dependencies, use the alternate DAG view to gain a full understanding of the dependencies.

ARTs and teams

Swiftease Agile Release Trains And Teams

Easily define ARTs and the teams that make up an ART using a visual drag-and-drop interface. Use the SwiftEASe feature of “shared resources” within teams that gives you flexibility in resource planning and allows people to be part of multiple teams/ARTs should the need arise.

PI, PI Planning, and Sprints

Swiftease Pi Planning And Sprints

Define Program Increments and Sprints within each SAFe® instance. Perform PI planning related activities, identify features for each ART/ PI, track Confidence Score and define Business Value (BV) and Risks.

Lean Analytics such as the Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD), Cycle Time charts, Flow Efficiency and Throughput/ Velocity charts provide each team great insight into their delivery capability and their process bottlenecks and enables them to focus on making necessary changes to their process to improve Flow, Throughput, and overall Predictability.

SwiftEASe presents most of the dashboards as recommended by the SAFe® Body of Knowledge. In addition, SwiftEASe has several metrics that facilitate Lean/ Flow-based execution. Combined, the two sets of analytics make sure you stay on top of your operational execution while also being able to look at medium and long-term improvements, especially in terms of your team’s and system’s predictability and productivity.

Learn More

SwiftEASe empowers organizations with real-time, data-driven insight to track and improve the speed and quality of their entire software delivery cycle in a Lean-Agile manner. Check out the SwiftEASe page (https://www.digite.com/swiftease/) to get your trial account or learn more about how SwiftEASe can help you optimize your company’s work processes.

Anshuman Singh
Product Manager, SwiftEASe

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Anshuman Singh

Anshuman Singh

Anshuman brings 9 years of experience in Information Technology products and services in India. Prior to Digité, Anshuman was with Capgemini and Tata Interactive where he was responsible for creating and managing key accounts. Anshuman also plays guitar and is big fan of the works of Oasis.

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