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Who We Are

Team NimbleworkWe are NimbleWork (earlier Digité) – a leading B2B SaaS provider of collaborative AI-powered Enterprise Adaptive Work and Project Management products and solutions. We help teams and enterprises accelerate and successfully deliver their work and projects.

Our vision – “Humanize Work!” We enable individuals, teams and enterprises by helping them connect and collaborate meaningfully and purposefully to successfully deliver their projects and other work.

We enable enterprises to accelerate their Digital Transformation and other mission-critical projects and initiatives using our AI-powered Visual and Collaborative work management products, and help them on a path of faster Time to Market and Continuous Improvement. Combining Lean/ Agile principles with traditional Project Management best practices, we help teams and organizations to adopt Hybrid Agile models of product development and service delivery.

Our solutions have been enthusiastically adopted by organizations worldwide across a range of functions from IT, PMO and Product Development/ Engineering to general business functions like Marketing, Recruitment, HR, Procurement, Legal and many others, in industries ranging from Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Retail, Government and Defense, Consulting and IT Services, and many more.


Our Vision: Defining the Future

  • Build an intelligent adaptive platform to humanize work and project management
  • Become/Operate as a Net Zero Company
  • Become/Operate as a Zero Trust Company

Our Values: What we Believe in

  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusiveness
  • Respect for Individual
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Compassion and Humility
  • Pride and Fun

Our Work

NimbleWork is founded – and run – by industry leaders who have been pioneers in the Enterprise Lean/ Agile Project & Program Management and Delivery space. We have always enabled and empowered distributed teams to collaborate effectively. The recent pandemic only accentuated the challenges that individuals and teams face – of being able to connect, empathize and collaborate effectively to deliver their work in a meaningful manner. Our vision – ‘Humanize Work’ – is a direct response to that challenge.

Our Work

We engage with our customers as often as possible and listen to their feedback, often implementing some amazing product features as a direct result of that feedback. In fact our customers LOVE us for being so attentive and responsive.

We pride ourselves not only for our products, but also for our services and support. We ensure that we provide all implementation support to our customers to help them achieve the benefits they set out to achieve. Once implementation is complete, we provide dedicated support to customers who want it, while providing extensive resources to customers who want to manage things on their own. We are very proud of the kudos and high customer satisfaction ratings our services and support teams always get!!

Our Customers

Our customers are the reason we exist. We believe in having the most delighted customers a company could ever wish for. We try and engage deeply with our customers – and we always listen to what they have to tell us – about our products and our services. And we always try and act on their feedback to ensure they are satisfied with our products and successful in their own endeavors.

We pride ourselves in engaging deeply with our customers before as well as after the sale – and make our best efforts to make them successful in using our products.

Our People

Our people are the most valuable asset of the company. We are proud to have a very high percentage of employees who have been with the company for several years at a stretch. We even have many happy employees who have come back to NimbleWork after going out to pursue higher studies or work elsewhere!

We are an equal opportunity, at-will employer and we do not discriminate on the basis of religion, caste, gender or other such attributes. We do our best to provide a healthy, happy and safe work environment to women and men, with implementation of policies such as POSH (India). We provide growth opportunities to all employees and do our best to encourage and reward people for their attitude, performance and dedication to their work.

Our Community Engagement

We believe in giving. We know community matters. Over the years, we have given back to the communities we live in in India and in the Bay Area where we are mostly based. As a company, and all our employees, we feel strongly about doing this. Whether donating to special relief funds, donation drives (especially PPE and an Oxygen plant during the height of the Covid pandemic), or planting trees to help reduce our carbon footprint, we try and do whatever possible at every opportunity.

We have committed to being a Carbon Neutral – and ultimately a Zero Carbon – company and have taken steps to reduce our overall energy consumption, increasing our clean energy component, and investing in energy-efficient infrastructure and services, while offsetting our consumption with efforts such as tree-planting.

What we do for Fun!

We work hard. And we definitely play hard. Be it in office during festive occasions like Diwali, Christmas and Valentines Day, or during outdoor/ offsite trips, you can see we enjoy games, music and dance – and a variety of other fun activities!

And We Script Success - Globally

More Than 30Bn 1

More than $30bn of business is being executed through our products.

Over 900000

Over 1,000,000 users using our products for successful collaboration and product delivery to their customers.


Most of our Work Management and PPM implementations are Enterprise Level – running into 1000’s of licenses across the company. 

Built for Complex Business Scenarios

With Excellent Services & Support

One Of The Best Compliments

One of the best compliments – and the reason they go with us instead of the competition – we receive is that we are “very responsive”! To this end, we make sure we help our customers fully implement our ALM and Kanban solutions.

We Love Our Products

We love our products and our customers and users love them too. We combine our products with comprehensive professional services, training and technical support.

Manage your Digital Transformation and DevOps Projects Effectively.

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