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Nimble is the ultimate all-in-one platform for adaptive visual work and project management, designed to facilitate seamless collaboration and delivery. Whether you prefer Task Lists, Gantt Charts, or Kanban Boards, Nimble caters to your serious work and project management needs with precision and ease.
Nimble Project Board

Nimble Agile

Nimble Agile has you covered all through the Agile lifecycle, with comprehensive Upstream Agile and Agile Execution capabilities. Create Agile Roadmaps, with Stories assigned to Releases and Sprints.

Nimble Agile Project Management
Nimble Hybrid

Nimble Hybrid Agile

Nimble Hybrid Agile provides a flexible framework that can accommodate both traditional and modern execution methodologies and allows teams to customize workflows based on their specific needs. With Nimble, teams can easily switch between Agile and waterfall methods, depending on the requirements of each project.


Enterprise-class ALM Integration technology with full Roll-back and Recovery that supports a wide range of ALM, DevOps, Helpdesk, CRM and other tools, including those from HP, Microsoft, IBM, Accept, Atlassian, Rally, Serena, and more.

Nimble Work Management

Nimble Enterprise

Nimble Enterprise is an Adaptive Project Management platform that automates your Work. It’s built to help you get all your Work done, no matter what stage of the process you’re in.


Retrospectives are critical for Continuous Improvement! It’s the best way to hear from your people doing the job! For a retrospective to be effective, one needs an open, free, safe environment to express and share their opinion.


Kairon is a comprehensive digital transformation platform that streamlines the development, deployment, and monitoring of digital assistants. It empowers companies to create intelligent digital assistants effortlessly, eliminating the requirement for additional infrastructure or specialized technical skills.
Kairon Client Config 1

Collaborative OKRs

Welcome to the future of Slack OKRs!. OKRs foster a culture of openness and ownership – the solution we are creating works with fairly open cultures, where we can rely on the group to maintain the discipline and trust necessary.

Nimble OKRs

Nimble’s OKR module helps you adopt the OKR philosophy within your company. Objectives and Key Results help everyone in the organization set their goals in alignment with each other and create measurable outcomes to ensure that the goal is achieved.
Nimble Okrs


SwiftKanban is a Visual Work Management tool for helping you manage your work effectively and improve continuously. SwiftKanban leverages the simple yet powerful principles of the Kanban Method. It combines highly Configurable and Visual Workflow modeling, powerful and actionable Flow Metrics and ease of use to give you the best Kanban, Scrum or Scrumban tool.