Nimble OKR

Increase alignment across your organization today!



Nimble’s OKR helps you adopt the OKR philosophy within your company. Objectives and Key Results help everyone in the organization set their goals in alignment with each other and create measurable outcomes to ensure that the goal is achieved. Use Nimble OKR to create a sense of ownership while also being able to provide a visualization of the vision and direction that the organization is taking. Track progress, achieve accountability and transparency, and make informed decisions. 

Why use Nimble’s OKR?

A simple and effective tool that helps you start creating Objectives at different levels of the organization with just a few clicks.

Maintain the flow of conversation with comments and attachments pertaining to any Objective or Key Result

Use different visualizations to get a better understanding of the synergy between Objectives and Key Results at different levels

Connect your strategy module with your execution system by linking Key Results with ongoing projects to automatically stay updated on progress.

Increase alignment across your organization today!

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