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August 2023 Newsletter

NimbleWork August 2023 Newsletter

Managing and delivering work effectively in this new normal – the “hybrid world” has made it more challenging than ever for teams to connect and collaborate effectively – and do inspiring things!

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September Newsletter 2022 1

Digité September 2022 Newsletter

In the era of Siri, Alexa, and Clever Nelly, there’s no doubt that artificial intelligence has touched both the personal as well as professional chords of our lives. Despite various opinions about the subject, including fears about AI replacing humans, and leading to tremendous job loss, AI’s contribution to improving human life in general, and workplace efficiency in particular, is undeniable.

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July Newsletter

Digité July 2022 Newsletter

Thanks to the success of technology and Digital Transformation initiatives, we have seen tremendous growth in the adoption of Agile methodologies across various industries. The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the transformation of the business world. Businesses across the globe have undergone some remarkable changes starting from revamping business models, products and services in response to the changing markets and conditions, to embracing remote work and redesigning their production and operation processes. Their need to respond to these changing conditions has further pushed them to adopt Lean and Agile methods across their business, not just in software and IT.

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Newsletter June 2022

Digité June 2022 Newsletter

Organizations adopt Kanban as a way of visualizing their workflows and the actual work being done using those workflows. . It is a great visual representation of the progress of projects and regular work. Kanban is a straightforward, flexible, and effective method for workflow management. However, Kanban is much more than just a visualization tool and has many more offerings in its store. It is fundamentally an evolutionary and continuous improvement method for any kind of knowledge work.

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May 2022 Newsletter 1 1

Digité May 2022 Newsletter

Modern enterprises are always looking for a way to improve how they work. One of the methods that internal teams can use to improve their workflow is to visualize their workload. It may seem like a simple practice, but it can be very helpful to internal teams.

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