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We hope you are having a great Summer or Winter, depending on which side of the planet you are on, and the impact of global warming – be it extreme weather, fires, floods and such – is not getting you down too much! We sincerely wish you a safe and secure summer/ winter!

If there is one thing that should NOT be getting you down, it is your work, especially remote work! Whether you are part of a large organization or small, chances are you are part of one or more teams that are distributed, with people working in different locations, and in a combination of office and home, and doing on project work as well as “BAU – business as usual” work. Managing and delivering work effectively in this new normal – the “hybrid world” has made it more challenging than ever for teams to connect and collaborate effectively – and do inspiring things!

Work management, especially Adaptive Work Management, refers to teams getting things done effectively and efficiently. This includes managing people, workflow, and tasks. Effective work management improves the productivity and efficiency of teams and helps organizations gain a competitive advantage in a global setting. Hence, work management has become a critical topic in the business world lately.

Adaptive Project Management and the Future of Work: What you should know

Adaptive project and work management can be a better approach for your projects than Agile and waterfall. Adaptive project management refers to teams balancing project work and BAU work. It also means teams using a combination of traditional and agile approaches to do their work most effectively. Find out why it could, and discover tips to help you decide.
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How to Motivate your Team: Is that even possible?

How to motivate your team? In today’s world of the Hybrid Work model, it has become even more difficult for teams and team members to engage effectively, understand and/ or establish a “team culture” and get people to be part of a common purpose. With 85% of workers disengaged, it sounds like mission impossible. However, plenty of engaged high-performing teams show it isn’t.
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How Your Team Can Benefit From Work Management

Project management forms the foundation of any successful business. However, there is often confusion between project management and work management. This article by Max Freedman, Business News Daily Contributing Writer of Business News Daily, provides insight into the difference between project management and work management and how can a team benefit from work management.
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What is a Work Management System? Why Do You Need One?

To maintain their competitiveness and boost the effectiveness of their services, businesses need to make modifications to their internal business processes and implement the work management system to boost productivity. This article by Non-Stop Group gives a detailed perception of the work management system and why is it needed.
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