Digité September 2022 Newsletter

In the era of Siri, Alexa, and Clever Nelly, there’s no doubt that artificial intelligence has touched both the personal as well as professional chords of our lives. Despite various opinions about the subject, including fears about AI replacing humans, and leading to tremendous job loss, AI’s contribution to improving human life in general, and workplace efficiency in particular, is undeniable.

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Introducing AI in the Workplace

With the gradual expansion of AI-based initiatives across industries, it has become an absolute mandate for organizations to embrace AI in the workplace to sustain the fierce global competition. In this article, Cat Symonds throws light on how every aspect of the workplace is being affected by AI and how it is changing human resources.
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5 Ways AI will Aid Project Management

In the era of technological innovations, Artificial Intelligence significantly impacts our daily activities. On the professional front, AI-based tools and services are gradually becoming popular. In this article, Bhaskar S, Sr. Digital Marketer, gives an insight into how AI is changing the ways organizations work and how the area of project management is positively affected by these changes.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Project Management

It’s been several years since AI made its emergence. However, the different ways of grasping and interpreting the concept have given rise to mixed reactions towards it. In this article, Vasily Klimko gives an overview of the future of AI in Project Management and how AI will help project managers with successful project deliveries in the future.
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How will AI transform the future of project management?

Project failures have an immensely adverse effect on the economy of the organization. The delivery of a project is a complicated issue with numerous unknown variables. However, various studies and surveys reveal that the implementation of AI can have a significantly positive impact on project management. Lloyd Skinner, CEO at Greyfly.ai., in this article, focuses on the benefits of incorporating AI into project management and the foundations or capabilities needed for the same.
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7 Benefits of Using Chatbots for Customer Support

In the contemporary business world, the implementation of AI and chatbots have become integral to successful business strategy. For customer support, chatbots are designed to respond to customers’ questions or queries promptly in nanoseconds. In this article, Rupal Kaushik, a content and social media specialist, talks about the benefits of using chatbots for customer support.
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