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Webinar 14

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Webinar Continuous Learning And Improvement Nimble Webinar 2

Continuous Learning and Improvement

In this webinar, we will delve into the strategies for fostering a culture of sustained and continuous learning and improvement, transforming it into an ongoing endeavor rather than a fixed milestone.

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Information Pyramid In Bdd

Information Pyramid in BDD

Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) centers around the collaborative exploration of requirements in alignment with business goals, making it inherently focused on fostering engagement and interaction. Unfortunately, it is often misconstrued as solely being concerned with automating user acceptance criteria, which overlooks its true purpose. Discover the power of BDD and its synergy with Agile practices, as we dive into the concept of the “Information Pyramid in BDD.”

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Humanize Work Webinar

Humanizing Work – the Next Frontier!

The last 2 decades have seen significant improvements in software engineering. The adoption of Lean-Agile thinking and modern Engineering & DevOps practices has made rapid delivery with high quality possible.

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Okr To Ppm Webinar

Aligning OKRs to PPM and Execution – the Why and How!

There has been a rapid increase in the interest around bringing together outcomes (via OKRs), financial and portfolio planning (via PPM systems) and execution tracking (from EAP and DevOps systems). However, in a typical enterprise, these functions are all set up, planned and tracked in different systems; how then, can we get a unified view of how (and if) our projects are moving the needle on the business outcomes? Complicating this view is the fact that achieving a business outcome is not a direct result of project execution success; what data then needs to flow through the system, so that stakeholders have visibility into progress, and adjust and allocate resources accordingly?

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Product Webinars

Webinar 7

SwiftEnterprise 9.0 Release Webinar

We are excited to announce SwiftEnterprise 9.0. This release is packed with lots of new goodies that will help you plan,

October 14, 2021

Webinar 8

SwiftEnterprise 8.0 Release Webinar

We’re excited to announce the release of SwiftEnterprise 8.0! We’ve always delivered world-class Lean-Agile capabilities that helped you manage agile

April 6, 2021

Webinar 9

SwiftEnterprise 7.9 Release Webinar

Over the last few SwiftEnterprise releases, we introduced capabilities that helped build and track Agile programs effectively. We had also
January 8, 2021

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