Organizing for Project Success by Humanizing Work! – Webinar Series

Even as the world has moved on to a “Project-driven Economy, where companies are spending more than 50% of their budgets on change and improvement initiatives, their teams are struggling to effectively manage their work and projects without an effective organizational work management policy, framework, and technology – using nothing more than spreadsheet, email and sticky notes.

While it works out great initially, this approach does not scale – and teams, customers and stakeholders struggle to stay on the same page while ensuring effective use of their investments.

Based on over 2 decades of our experience working with and helping medium and large project-driven enterprises effectively implement project and work management processes and tools, and learning from them, we are launching this series to help other teams and organizations benefit from our experience to deliver value to their customers faster, better and cheaper!

In the first phase of this series, we discussed how you can effectively and easily get organized for success in the Project Economy.  In phase 2, we will take a deep dive into specific topics to help you further, using principles such as Visual Work Management, Lean Thinking, and Pragmatic Agile to dramatically improve your work management and collaboration capability while enabling and empowering your people to take ownership and find synergies between their purpose and that of their organization.

You can register for these sessions individually by clicking on each.  We look forward to seeing you!

Episode 1: Still using Spreadsheet and Stickies? The Risk of “Fragmented Work”

Episode 2: Waterfall Project Planning is Dead.  Long Live Waterfall Planning!

Episode 3: Visualize Your Work – The Secret to Successful Project Management

Episode 4: It’s Time to STOP Overloading your Teams – A Lean Approach to Work Management


Featured Speakers:

Mahesh Singh

Mahesh Singh is the Co-founder and CMO at NimbleWork, Inc. With a distinguished career in project management, product management, marketing, and consulting, he has been recognized by Kanban University as a “Kanban Fellow” and is a certified Kanban Coach and Trainer. At NimbleWork, he collaborates with American and European clients to provide Lean, Agile, and Kanban training and coaching. Additionally, Mahesh oversees NimbleWork’s implementation engagements for their products, ensuring successful adoption and integration for clients.



Mano Cherian

Mano Cherian, VP of Business Development at NimbleWork, Inc., is a product and industry expert with 20 years at the company. He has been instrumental in guiding major IT service companies to transform their project delivery execution and management. His deep understanding of NimbleWork’s offerings, combined with his mastery of Lean/Agile methodologies, allows him to provide valuable guidance to clients during implementations and drive product innovation.

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