Agile is Dead! Long Live Pragmatic Agile!

Let’s face it – Agile has been the way the world has moved over the last two decades.  However, implementing Agile can be a challenge for most organizations.  Over the years, the lean/ agile methods – with contributions from different bodies of knowledge – have become increasingly difficult to implement and follow.

The Pragmatic Agile capabilities from Nimble addresses this challenge.  Based on the years of our work with Lean/ Agile, we enable you to follow an incremental approach to adopt and use Lean/ Agile practices that actually work for you.  This session will address these and other key questions to help you manage projects successfully with Pragmatic Agile.

This webinar will be held on July 25, 2024 at 07:30 AM PST | 4:30 PM CEST | 08:00 PM IST


Featured Speakers:

Mahesh Singh

Mahesh Singh is the Co-founder and CMO at NimbleWork, Inc. With a distinguished career in project management, product management, marketing, and consulting, he has been recognized by Kanban University as a “Kanban Fellow” and is a certified Kanban Coach and Trainer. At NimbleWork, he collaborates with American and European clients to provide Lean, Agile, and Kanban training and coaching. Additionally, Mahesh oversees NimbleWork’s implementation engagements for their products, ensuring successful adoption and integration for clients.



Mano Cherian

Mano Cherian, VP of Business Development at NimbleWork, Inc., is a product and industry expert with 20 years at the company. He has been instrumental in guiding major IT service companies to transform their project delivery execution and management. His deep understanding of NimbleWork’s offerings, combined with his mastery of Lean/Agile methodologies, allows him to provide valuable guidance to clients during implementations and drive product innovation.


Sudipta Lahiri


Sudipta Lahiri has been in the IT industry for over 3 decades. He brings together a mix of experience across various IT Services and product companies. At NimbleWork, he heads the Engineering and Product Management functions. He leads the development of Nimble & SwiftKanban products. He is passionate about Lean-Agile transformation and has led NimbleWork’s transformation process and helps various organizations in that capacity.

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