Nimble Agile

Combine powerful Agile Upstream planning capability with world class Agile execution capability in one package!

Backlog Refinement


Nimble Agile has you covered all through the Agile lifecycle, with comprehensive Upstream Agile and Agile execution capabilities. Create Agile roadmaps, with stories assigned to releases and sprints. Plan your sprints better with our visual story size and loading visualizations; use our storymapping functionality to fully build out your themes, epics and user stories!

Nimble Agile focuses on improving the cycle time for product management teams. From Story Mapping to relative size-based estimation to backlog refinement, NimbleAgile helps product management teams go a lot further ahead,  compared to just building a backlog.

For Agile teams, Nimble Agile allows you to work and deliver with whatever Agile practices works for you – Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban. Nimble Agile blends Visual Management with Lean thinking for continuous improvement. Nimble Agile offers unique capabilities from improving StandUps with our Stand Up Wizard, or analyzing your Flow with preconfigured Agile metrics!

Why use Nimble Agile?

Sprint Planning is easy and effective with Nimble Agile – just drag and drop your stories, and automatically see size and capacity loading!

Use our Storymapping feature to plan Themes, Epics, Features and User Stories, and visually see the current status.
With our Relative Sizing feature, visualize the number and size of each User Story in the Backlog.

Speed up your Agile planning and execution!

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