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Nimble: The All-in-one Work Management Platform

Nimble boosts team efficiency by 60%, enabling seamless management of tasks, projects, and
processes to achieve collective goals.


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Task Management Software for Managing Work in any Business

Nimble is the next generation AI-powered Work Management solution focused on helping your teams collaborate, manage and deliver their work effectively and efficiently.

Nimble Agile Project Management

“Nimble has improved our project estimation by 80% and our on-time completion rate has gone up by 60%!”

Joseph L. Mabie

Head Process & Quality Asssurance - Medha

Why Nimble?

Improve Productivity

Nimble boosts team efficiency by 60%. Seamlessly assign and track tasks. Align daily efforts with team goals, prioritize effectively, and achieve deadlines with clarity and purpose.

Ready-to-use Templates

Nimble offers flexibility for diverse workflows and projects across various industries. Skip the hassle of starting from scratch with our ready-to-use templates.

Better Visibility

Plan, execute, and visualize workflows. Customize dashboards for powerful reporting. Nimble helps you to Simplify work management.

Work Management Made Easy!

Customizable Ready-to-use Templates to get your Team Started in Minutes

Marketing StrategyMonitor all your marketing deliverables and strategies. Define target audiences, set goals and track your deadlines.

Sales &Amp; Crm

Track your sales opportunities, and visualize their progress through the different stages of the sales pipeline. Also, monitor your sales funnel and pipeline value.

Product Development

Plan, track and release great software. Get up and running quickly with templates that suit the way your team works. Plus, integrations for DevOps teams that want to connect work across their entire toolchain.

Content Marketing

Organise your content production workflows in a single visual workspace. Discuss, brainstorm, schedule and track all your upcoming media content. Stay up to date on the status of all components and store relevant assets along with the content piece as they are developed.

Digital Transformation

Maintain records of all your digital assets on a single board. Collaborate effectively with different teams and track the different files, asset types, iterations, version numbers etc. in a centralized workspace.

Smarter way to work!

Stop wasting thousands of hours of your teams’ productivity – get away from spreadsheets, email and post-its! Get your teams a REAL Work Management platform that helps them Focus on the Right work at the Right time and get a lot more work done while working less!

Nimble combines the magic of “Human Moments” based Collaboration, the principles of Lean and Agile, and the power of AI in easy-to-use templates that make your teams’ work a breeze! Nimble Work Management helps your teams model their unique workflows exactly their way, visualizes where the work is, what roadblocks they may be facing – and helps them get more done with less!

Why use Nimble Work Management?

Experience the magic of Human Moments based Collaboration. Be yourself and also be a part of your Team. Thank, Talk and Celebrate to Connect, Collaborate and Inspire.
If you have a workflow, we have a template for it – which you can easily customize. We have templates to cover all aspects of your business!
Without needing to be an expert. Reduce multitasking to focus on finishing what you’ve started. Get more done! Visualize your work and blockers and help teammates where needed.
Board, List, Timeline or Dependency Views – You can decide the way YOU want to work, depending on whether you are in planning mode or doing. Each of your team members can work with their favorite view.
Powerful reports and metrics that you can choose from. Use as many as you like – or none at all – it is up to you!

Manage all your work with Nimble!

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