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Versatile Retrospective Tool for Agile Teams

Retrospectives are critical for Continuous Improvement! It’s the best way to hear from your people doing the job. For a retrospective to be effective, one needs an open, free, safe environment to express and share their opinions.

NimbleRetro allows you to conduct your Retrospectives online in a participative, collaborative and time bound manner and uses the 5-Why method to identify the Root Cause for selected problem statements and generate an Action Item.

With NimbleRetro you Can:

  • Provide a safe platform for the team to communicate pain points and also get deeper insights into improvements.
  • Develop a deeper knowledge of your team’s mindset towards their work and create actions that address their top concerns to facilitate future collaboration.
  • Set clear objectives and address the underlying causes of any issues your team is facing.
  • Export Retrospective action items to JIRA.

Why use NimbleRetro?

Number 001
No Retrospective is complete without a proper Root Cause Analysis! NimbleRetro uses the 5-Why method to identify the Root Cause of a problem statement. NimbleRetro allows generation of Action Items and further tracks progress made on these improvements.
Number 002

NimbleRetro allows the facilitator to start the Retrospective with an Icebreaker. It helps to engage all participants in the retrospection process. It also leads you to the ideation stage where every participant can share their point of view on (say, depending on the template) what is working well, or can be improved.

Number 003

The next stage allows the facilitator to group the duplicates and converge. The grouped cards along with the other cards are then put up to vote on what is important to them anonymously. NimbleRetro calls this the voting stage.

Number 004

All stages are time bound so to ensure that the bulk of the time is not consumed in the initial stages of the Retrospective process. Of course, you can set the time you feel appropriate for the team. Most retrospectives find themselves challenged to allocate enough time to do a full Root Cause Analysis.

Root Cause Analysis – 5 Whys

Team Members Voting

Action Item Tracking
Retrospective Templates

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Stay connected and productive wherever you are with the NimbleRetro Mobile App. Conduct retrospectives online, fostering collaboration and participation, all within a time-bound framework. Our app seamlessly integrates the proven 5-Why method, enabling you to identify root causes for selected problem statements and generate actionable insights.
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