Nimble Hybrid Agile

Execute projects in both traditional and Lean-Agile methods.

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Hybrid Agile Work Management

We understand that not all projects are Agile (in fact, some are suited to traditional delivery) – Nimble provides a flexible framework that can accommodate both traditional and modern execution methodologies and allows teams to customize workflows based on their specific needs.

While some of your teams can define their milestones, track their baselines and use Critical Path Planning / Gantt views, some other teams, within the same project, can follow Agile methods. They can track work using Sprint Burndowns, Release burnups or Cumulative Flow Diagrams.

Nimble Hybrid Agile comes with powerful dashboarding capability and lets teams decide how they need to be configured so that they can meet the expectations of diverse teams. Need to perform work / scope decomposition? Build small independent stories to enable rapid delivery? No problem! We have you covered.

Why use Nimble Hybrid Agile?

Choose from multiple levels of Scheduling complexity – Nimble Hybrid Agile offers tremendous flexibility in setting and tracking dependencies.

One view to rule (we mean, control!) them all – visualize the plan, people allocation and timelines in one integrated panel.

Powerful, detailed and configurable dashboards – stop making repetitive reports, and invite your teams to Nimble Hybrid Agile!

Hybrid progress tracking is facilitated through the use of Hybrid Tasks in Advance Scheduling Task plans. By linking child workitems to the Hybrid type of Task, their progress can be consolidated and monitored effectively.

No matter how you execute your projects, Nimble Hybrid Agile has you covered!

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