Environmental, Social and Governance Vision at NimbleWork


NimbleWork is a SaaS products firm founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs in 2002, Headquartered in Cupertino, California, USA. In addition, we have offices in Bangalore and Mumbai, India. We have customers worldwide, with over a million users of our products. Our users come from various industries, including consulting, professional services, enterprise IT organizations, and companies from multiple verticals, including Automotive, Healthcare, Financial Services, Public Sector, Hi-tech, and Telecommunications.

What we do

We are a leading provider of collaborative AI-enabled Enterprise Agility, Work Management, and Project Management products and solutions to teams and organizations “Humanize Work” and deliver work and projects effectively and successfully. Our products help technology teams such as Corporate IT, ISVs, IT services, consulting, and general business functions like Marketing, Recruitment, HR, Procurement, Legal, and many others.

Our ESG Strategy

NimbleWork’s ESG strategy is built on the vision of initiating and supporting ESG initiatives within and outside the company. We believe in responsible and ethical business practices benefiting our planet, environment, employees, customers, partners, investors and borrowers.

As a SaaS Technology Product company, we will focus on decreasing emissions and ensuring sustainable access to our products and services for our customers, supporting a diversified workforce, ensuring the security and privacy of our customer data, and proactively managing and mitigating all risks that may impact the delivery of our products and service to our customers.

This is our first ESG report under the Sustainability Accounting Standard Board framework. We will continue this journey by reporting in different frameworks in the coming years to ensure our sustainable activities and participation toward forming a better and sustainable world.

Letter from CEO







A. V. Sridhar – Co-founder, President & CEO – NimbleWork

Dear valued stakeholders,

The impact of human activities on the Earth is a pressing issue that affects the planet’s natural systems and resources. The overuse of natural resources such as water, minerals, and forests is leading to scarcity and putting pressure on the planet’s ability to sustain life in the long term. Therefore, we must take immediate and decisive action to address these issues and protect the Earth for future generations.

As NimbleWork, Inc.’s CEO, I proudly announce our commitment to implementing a comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) program. We recognize the importance of balancing economic growth with our planet’s and the broader community’s well-being, and we are committed to taking meaningful action to address these issues.

Our ESG goals include reducing carbon emissions by 50% within the next five years, improving gender diversity within our organization, developing a sustainable vendor ecosystem, increasing transparency through regular sustainability reporting, investing in local communities, and committing to ethical business practices.

Not just the above initiatives but Nimble, our newly designed product family, follows the theme of Humanizing Work which will substantially impact the lives of our customers/users.

We understand that achieving these goals will be challenging. Still, we are committed to making progress and continuously improving our performance by regularly engaging with our stakeholders to gather feedback and ideas for improvement.

By taking a leadership role on ESG issues, we can create value for our shareholders, employees, customers, and communities. We are excited to take this journey together and look forward to working with all of you to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

ESG Goals

Reduce carbon emissions by 50%

Within the next five years, through renewable energy and energy efficiency investments.

Increase gender diversity

Within the company, by implementing training programs and establishing gender diversity metrics for hiring and promotions.

Robust sustainability program

Develop and implement a robust sustainability program for our vendors, including regular audits and vendor scorecards.

Increase transparency

By publishing regular sustainability reports, including environmental, social, and governance performance information.

Invest in local communities

By supporting education and workforce development programs and committing to fair labor practices.

Commitment to ethical business practices

Establish a company-wide commitment, including a code of conduct and regular training on compliance and anti-corruption measures.

Improve our ESG goals

Continuously review and improve our ESG goals, measuring progress through regular reporting and stakeholder engagement.

Download the SASB Report

Download the SASB Report

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