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Lean/ Agile Training and Consulting

NimbleWork is proud of its thought-leadership and product-leadership in the Lean/ Agile domain. Based on our work with a wide variety of customers around the world, we have a broad as well as deep understanding of the challenges an organization faces in implementing Agile and Lean initiatives.

NimbleWork Lean/ Agile leadership consultants have years of industry experience combined with expertise and experience in implementing and practicing Lean/ Agile practices, that puts us in a strong position to share our experiences and help our customers. They are also certified professionals with AKT, AKC, SPC and other related certifications to cover a variety of Lean, Agile and Scaled Agile methods.

Our association with Lean/ Agile community and our collaboration with a wide range of thought leaders worldwide provides us with continued access to the developments in the Lean/ Agile Body of Knowledge.

We have worked with global organizations such as UnitedHealthcare, Telecom Italia, Software AG, Faurecia, and many others at leadership and practitioner level to help them in their Lean/ Agile Transformation initiatives.

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Lean/ Agile Training and Coaching Partner Network

Thanks to our contributions to the Lean/ Agile domain, we are proud to have a strong global partner network of Trainers, Coaches and Thought-Leaders who can support your global enterprise training and coaching needs. These consultants are based in the Americas, Europe and Asia/ Pacific. With their support, we have helped our clients implement multi-location consulting and training programs.
  • David J Anderson Associates (
  • AgileSparks – Israel
  • Kod Bilgi Sistemleri – Turkey
  • Humanize – Europe
  • Innovation Roots – India
  • Leanability – Europe
  • PMO Lead – Panama
  • Polodis – USA
  • SquirrelNorth – Canada
  • TriTech Consulting – USA
  • UST Global – USA/ Global
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Platform Partner

SAFe® Platform Partner with the Scaled Agile, Inc.

Nimble is a Platform Partner with the Scaled Agile, Inc. and through its built-for-SAFe(R) product SwiftEASe, provides world-class tooling and consulting support to our customers who are implementing SAFe for the scaled agile initiative. SwiftEASe is a full-function SAFe tool that supports all levels of a SAFe implementation from Full SAFe to Essential SAFe. SwiftEASe provides unparalleled support for Lean Portfolio Management (LPM), distributed PI Planning and Program/ Dependency Board management, Lean Budgeting and Lean/ Flow metrics for supporting our customers’ continuous improvement initiatives. Nimble SPCs provide coaching and training support to our customers implementing SAFe.

Training with our Lean/ Agile Partner Network

As part of our partnership with the Kanban University, and our association with the Kanban community, we work closely with and highly recommend the following sources for training and consulting for your Kanban implementation:

Agile Training