Webinar: Deep Dive into Hybrid Agile


Prepare for an informative and exciting discussion on Hybrid Agile, where our CMO, Mahesh Singh, will discuss the topic with the esteemed Project Management expert and thought leader, Elizabeth Harrin, APM Fellow, and author of Managing Multiple Projects. Dive deep into this dynamic approach that seamlessly blends Agile and Waterfall methodologies, propelling your projects to new heights of success.

Some of the key topics they discuss include – :

* Why Hybrid Agile: What is it and when should you consider it.

* How to Master Hybrid Agile: We’ll break down this project management approach and how it combines the best of traditional and Agile methods.

* Know When it Works: Learn when a Hybrid Agile approach is the perfect fit for your projects.

* Roadmap to Successful Implementation: Get a plan to implement Hybrid Agile, including best practices and how to avoid common challenges.

* Mitigate Risks & Deliver Faster: Identify potential problems early and adapt to changing needs quickly, leading to smoother execution and faster value delivery.

* How to create a culture of ownership and continuous improvement, empowering teams to achieve outstanding results.

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About the Presenter:

Elizabeth HarrinElizabeth Harrin teaches people how to juggle multiple projects so they can meet stakeholders’ expectations without working extra hours. She is a project management practitioner, trainer, mentor, and founder of RebelsGuideToPM.com. Elizabeth Harrin holds degrees from the University of York and Roehampton University and has written several books on project management. She is a Fellow of the Association for Project Management. You can connect with Elizabeth on LinkedIn.

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