Webinar: Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Breaking Through Barriers and Biases

Webinar Shattering the Glass Ceiling Breaking Through Barriers and Biases

This is the second session in our Women’s History Month Webinar Series which dives deep into the world of tech leadership through the lens of exceptional women.

Join us as we delve into strategies for shattering the glass ceiling and forging your path to leadership success.

We’ll explore:

* Identifying and overcoming Challenges: Learn to recognize and dismantle the complex web of challenges that can hinder your advancement.

* Building a strong support network: Discover the power of mentorship and sponsorship in navigating the corporate landscape.

* Developing a confident and assertive voice: Sharpen your communication skills to effectively advocate for yourself and your ideas.

* Negotiating for success: Explore strategies for securing fair compensation and promotions.

About the Speaker: 

Ashwini LalitAshwini Lalit, Senior Manager of Product Quality and Presiding Officer for POSH-IC at NimbleWork Inc., brings over 22 years of IT expertise. A test evangelist and mentor, she champions agile testing and continuous improvement. With an MS from BITS Pilani, she actively engages in technology conferences and meetups. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is deeply passionate about urban farming and environmental sustainability. She advocates for women’s health and well-being, urging support for gender equality and diversity.

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