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Thanks to the success of technology and Digital Transformation initiatives, we have seen tremendous growth in the adoption of Agile methodologies across various industries. The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the transformation of the business world. Businesses across the globe have undergone some remarkable changes starting from revamping business models, products and services in response to the changing markets and conditions, to embracing remote work and redesigning their production and operation processes. Their need to respond to these changing conditions has further pushed them to adopt Lean and Agile methods across their business, not just in software and IT.

In this month’s newsletter, we highlight how the implementation of Agile methodologies helps business organizations sustain the competition and what changes we can expect to see in the business world.

6 Steps To A Successful Business Agility Transformation

Agile methodologies are gaining traction across the globe as more companies are adopting agile ways to keep pace with the new technological innovations, changing market demands, and driving customer values. In this article, Rumyana Dancheva, Digital Marketing Specialist, highlights how the application of Agile principles can add value to your business.

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No Species For An Agile Mindset

Agile is, above all, a mindset. Without the right mindset, all other parts of the agile operating system can be in place, and yet companies will see few benefits. But what is an Agile mindset? In this article, Raghunath Basavanahalli, Chief Business Officer at Digité, provides some insights and shows how to achieve an agile mindset in the organization.

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Agile isn’t just for software developers. It’s a compelling way for companies to work

The Agile movement is a major paradigm shift in the business world that has brought about a change in the business culture and mindset. Agile is no longer restricted only to IT industries but is having a far-reaching impact in other fields. In this article by FastCompany, Mike Dargan points out how any business, intending to have better collaboration between teams, must adopt an agile approach.

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The Impact of Agility: How to shape your organization to compete

Agile methodologies have become a dominating factor in the contemporary business world. In order to understand the reality behind the agile transformation hype, McKinsey & Company conducted a survey and derived insights from more than 2000 respondents. In this article, Wouter Aghina, Christopher Handscomb, Olli Salo, and Shail Thaker, throw light on how some organizations have benefitted from agile transformation and re-shaped their business to achieve competitive advantage.

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