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Organizations adopt Kanban as a way of visualizing their workflows and the actual work being done using those workflows. . It is a great visual representation of the progress of projects and regular work. Kanban is a straightforward, flexible, and effective method for workflow management. However, Kanban is much more than just a visualization tool and has many more offerings in its store. It is fundamentally an evolutionary and continuous improvement method for any kind of knowledge work.

This month’s newsletter sheds light on various other not-so-well-known or understood aspects of Kanban. Let’s take a look!

Why Kanban is More Than a Visualization Board?

Though organizations across the globe are adopting Kanban and Kanban tools, they often use it only as a visualization tool and do not really practice Kanban. This article shows how to delve into the cultural aspects of Kanban to practice it in a true sense to gain more benefits.
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Kanban: A Powerful Enabler For Remote Work Teams

Remote work is the new normal after the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and is nowhere to die soon. However, managing remote teams has not been easy for project managers. This Digité article by Bhaskar S, Sr. Marketing Consultant, provides an in-depth analysis of how adopting Kanban and a good Kanban tool can help organizations manage remote teams efficiently.
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Effective Portfolio Management With Kanban

Product or Project Portfolio Management is critical to all enterprises today, as they try to evaluate, prioritize, and execute the right initiatives at the right time. In this session, Mahesh Singh, Co-Founder and CMO, and Avinash Rao, VP of Products present the various techniques and tools that Portfolio Kanban provides and show how to effectively manage a portfolio using Kanban.
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How To Revitalize Your Kanban Implementation

With the increasing demand for Kanban implementation, every organization, at some point or the other, looks for ways to make a more structured and organized Lean / Agile journey. In this Digité article, Mahesh Singh, Co-founder and CMO, throws light on the process of revitalizing Kanban implementation that would provide a team with greater satisfaction and a sense of achievement.
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