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Modern enterprises are always looking for a way to improve how they work. One of the methods that internal teams can use to improve their workflow is to visualize their workload. It may seem like a simple practice, but it can be very helpful to internal teams.

How can such a simple practice be so beneficial to teams? This month’s newsletter sheds light on how visualizing work can help everyone. Let’s take a look!

Personal Kanban – Using Kanban to Improve Personal Productivity

Kanban was originally introduced as a way to help teams visualize their workflows and manage them more effectively. Today, you can even use Kanban on the individual level to gain all the benefits. This article from Digite is a guide on what Personal Kanban is, why you should start using it, and how to use it effectively.

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5 Benefits of Visualizing Your Workflow

Internal teams know that workflows can get complicated when multiple deadlines and projects are introduced around the same time, especially in IT and software spaces. Visualizing your workflow can help alleviate a number of challenges you may face when things start to get busy. In this article from Happyfox, Eeshita Srivastava talks about five key benefits using a workflow visualization tool can have.

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Workplace Visualization

Workplace Visualization isn’t just a trend that people adopted with the rise in popularity of Kanban and Agile. In fact, we’ve been using it ever since calendars were invented! This article from Lucid spark talks about how the practice of Workplace Visualization has evolved throughout the years while also talking about how it has revolutionized modern workplaces.

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Visual Management of Enterprise Services

Kanban has been used by individual teams to manage workflows and limit WIPs, but how does visual management work at the enterprise level? In this Digite article, Navin Anand out how Kanban is used to provide various benefits and eliminate enterprise-wide challenges.

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Cycle Time Goes Visual

Cycle time, or the time it takes for a card to move from start to end of the board, is one of the most common metrics used to measure Kanban effectiveness. Visualizing this metric can help your team make the necessary adjustments to reduce the time it takes for tasks to be completed. In this Digite Article, Priyank Parekh talks about how to reduce Kanban card cycle time through visualization.

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