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In today’s competitive business world, implementing the right strategies and initiatives is the key to the success of any organization. Effective Project Management is key to the successful implementation of these strategies. Hence, it is critical for every business to be aware of the latest trends and practices of project management to achieve a competitive edge.

This month’s newsletter sheds light on various aspects of Project Management including the latest trends and practices. We hope you find them useful!

Project management software: What features are necessary for marketing teams?

Marketing is crucial for growth in any organization. Marketing has gone Digital as well as Agile. In this TechRepublic article, Jack Wallen presents his ideas on what to look for in a Project Management software that empowers the marketing team to become more efficient and help other teams utilize the data from the marketing team, thereby, creating a collaborative environment in the workplace.
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Waterfall Vs. Agile Project Management: Which One Is Better For Your Business

When compared to each other, it often becomes difficult for organizational heads to choose the right Project Management methodology between Agile and Waterfall for their organization as each methodology has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, Niveditha Reddy provides an explanation of both the methodologies and how to choose the right one for your organization.
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7 Reasons To Invest In Project Management Software

It is undeniable that Project Management is critical to any business organization and there are innumerable reasons to invest in the proper tools and software. Over the last 30 years, organizations have become more global. Today, even small companies have teams that may be distributed in multiple offices, if not cities, countries, and even continents. Effective Project Management needs good tooling that suits the team’s requirements. In this article, Niveditha Reddy makes a strong argument for investing in Project Management software.
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What’s The Future of Project Management in 2022 and beyond?

With the pace at which the business world is changing, it is quite possible that the things popular now may not be working in the next 10 years. While your competitors are busy focusing on the latest trends in Project Management to survive the competitive market, you may want to take a look at what the future of the practice may have in store. In this article, Elizabeth Harrin gives hern insight into the future of project management.
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Project Management- The Expert Blog

The professional world has largely been impacted by the global outbreak of the Covid pandemic, climate change, and digital transformation lately. The emergence of new trends have caused some traditional practices to become completely obsolete. This article by The Project Group walks you through some of the recent studies on Project Management as well as gives you an idea about the latest trends that are in-store for the project managers.
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