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In the contemporary business world, project management necessitates aligning project vision with goals, returns and outcomes apart from managing constraints, resources and deadlines. OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a simple yet effective process to increase productivity, transparency and alignment in projects. OKR is a collaborative goal-setting technique that project managers may use to develop tough, ambitious goals with measurable outcomes.

OKRs, if done right, can assist organizations define and manage their strategic goals, as well as reduce project failures and poor resource management. In this month’s newsletter we take you through some of the articles that focus on the importance of aligning OKR to PPM. We hope you will find these articles useful.

Aligning OKRs to PPM and Execution- The Why And How!

There has been a rapid increase in the interest around bringing together outcomes (via OKRs), financial and portfolio planning (via PPM systems) and execution tracking (from EAP and DevOps systems). This session by Avinash Rao, Vice President, Product Management at Digité covers the flow of information across these systems and suggests the interchanges needed to effectively gain insights.
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From Micromanagement Misery To Flow: Four Ways To Get OKRs Right

With the global outbreak of the Covid pandemic and the need for business organizations to adopt the remote work structure, OKRs became a critical process to align delivery goals and metrics across the globe. However, with improper implementation, OKRs can prove to be a disaster for businesses. This Forbes article by Neelan Choksi, sheds some light on where businesses can go wrong with OKRs and how they can be fixed.
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Portfolio Kanban for Enterprise Transformation

With the business world taking a new shape with digital transformation, delivering improved performance metrics, transparency and collaboration has become a necessity. In this article, Navin Anand, gives a comprehensive overview of how Portfolio Kanban is one of the best solutions for the business leaders to cope with the changes and face the challenges.
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Enterprise Transformation with Integrated Portfolio Kanban

In today’s digital business environment, the need for an integrated framework for managing transformation has become a mandate. This article by Navin Anand gives an insight of how portfolio Kanban can be the best choice for enterprise transformation.
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Effective Portfolio Management With Kanban

All modern organizations need product or project portfolio management to review, prioritize, and execute the right initiatives at the right time. This webinar will throw some light on the key features of Portfolio Kanban, including how it may help them better understand demand, book capacity, and manage their portfolios.
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Kanban University Partner Webinar Series

We are thrilled to be a part of Kanban University Partner Webinar Series along with Joey Spooner. Join us for the webinar, where Mahesh Singh (Co-founder and CMO, Digité) will present customer case studies and demonstrate some of the key capabilities of SwiftKanban, especially related to Portfolio and Upstream Kanban, and Flow Analytics that have helped our customers improve their business operations and time to market.
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