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From pitching new ideas for new products or features and getting stakeholder alignment on prioritizing them, to working with different teams in order to bring those ideas to life and ensuring that the product ultimately caters to the needs of its target customers, product managers play a crucial role in each and every step of the product life cycle. They take care of the changing demands of the business for newer capabilities and technologies and maintain the product roadmap that ultimately helps the business meet its market and business objectives. In a nutshell, product managers are responsible for managing the entire Product Vision for an organization.

In this month’s newsletter, we throw light on the importance of product management and some of the latest trends and practices that product managers need to adapt to in the following years. We hope you will enjoy reading them and find them useful!

Product Management Leaders: Make 2022 The Year Of Customer Value

In the ever-changing business market, adapting to new and transformative practices has become crucial for organizations to thrive in the new world and sustain the competition. This Forbes article gives an insight into the latest trends and practices that product management leaders must follow to ensure organizational growth in the upcoming years.
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Best Practices for AI Product Management

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in the business world today. Organizations, across the globe, are building or implementing AI-based products to achieve a competitive edge. AI, being a complex and challenging concept, needs the data scientists to define and build the products. However, they still need to be guided by a Product Manager to build the right product on time. This article, published in Product Coalition, takes you through the best practices of product management for AI products.
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Kanban – The Product Manager/Owner’s BFF!

The deeper you delve into the concept of product management and the role of a product manager, the more you realize its complexity and the challenges that product managers encounter on a regular basis. However, with the proper implementation of the Kanban tools and practices, product managers can achieve better results with much ease. Digité’s article gives a detailed explanation of the challenges of a product manager and how Kanban can be his/her best friend in dealing with those challenges.
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Why Is Product Management Important?

Adopting and learning new approaches to product management to stay ahead of the growth curve seems futile unless one is aware of the importance of product management for business growth. This article by the Product Manager takes you back to the basics and gives a comprehensive idea of the importance of product management for your organization. We hope this article motivates you even more to learn the latest trends and practices of product management (after knowing its importance) that would contribute to your business success.
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Product Management With Kanban

Product managers need to manage multiple challenges & risks on a daily basis. In this on-demand webinar, the SquirrelNorth team shows you ways that Kanban can help you improve decision making, manage risk, improve transparency, and make promises you can keep.
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Webinar: Insights into Enterprise Performance

There has been a rapid increase in the interest around bringing together outcomes (via OKRs), financial and portfolio planning (via PPM systems) and execution tracking (from EAP and DevOps systems). In this session, by Avinash Rao, Vice President, Product Management at Digité, covers the flow of information across these systems & suggests the interchanges needed to effectively gain insights.
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