Aligning OKRs to PPM and Execution – the Why and How!

OKR to PPM webinar

There has been a rapid increase in the interest around bringing together outcomes (via OKRs), financial and portfolio planning (via PPM systems) and execution tracking (from EAP and DevOps systems). However, in a typical enterprise, these functions are all set up, planned and tracked in different systems; how then, can we get a unified view of how (and if) our projects are moving the needle on the business outcomes? Complicating this view is the fact that achieving a business outcome is not a direct result of project execution success; what data then needs to flow through the system, so that stakeholders have visibility into progress, and adjust and allocate resources accordingly?

This session by Avinash Rao covers the flow of information across these systems and suggests the interchanges needed to effectively gain insights. The session is not specific to IT projects (while the underpinning systems are of course, software systems); we at Digite see an ongoing transformation of the Enterprise all the way from goal setting, to Lean budgeting, and to execution tracking. Understanding how these pieces come together will be critical to ensure that we get the best results from our Enterprise systems.

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About the Presenter:

Avinash RaoAvinash Rao has spent 20+ years in IT and has gained deep experience and expertise in leading and executing DevOps and Lean-Agile Transformations. He is a Master BPMP, Kanban University KMP-2 Certified, a DASA DevOps Coach and DOI SRE Foundation certified. Avinash is a thought leader who speaks frequently in industry forums and is passionate about achieving Enterprise Agility.

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