Product Management with Kanban

Product managers need to manage multiple challenges & risks on a daily basis –

  • What should we work on now, later and never?
  • When will it be ready?
  • What is the status of our current commitments?
  • Do our teams even have the capability and capacity to deliver on our promises to our customers?

In this interactive session with the SquirrelNorth team, we’ll explore ways that Kanban can help you improve decision making, manage risk, improve transparency, and make promises you can keep. We will review a number of demand shaping and capability improvement tools and discuss the concept of Real Options and how they differ from Commitments. We will examine how Cost of Delay can aid in determining the appropriate time to start or defer new work, and look at ways to build-in agility into product road-maps through the use of Upstream Kanban.

We conclude by reviewing a framework for rapid decision making; mixing high-quality and strategically-aligned decisions with the ability to make them quickly in a fast-paced agile environment.

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About Presenters:
Martin Aziz, Fernando Cuenca, James Steele and Alexei Zheglov form SquirrelNorth, a global consulting firm based out of Toronto, Canada. They use a combination of consulting, coaching, and training to improve the business performance of their clients. The SquirrelNorth team of consultants bring years of experience helping companies of all sizes and are known for their pragmatic results-oriented approach. SquirrelNorth’s toolkit includes a multitude of Management, Agile and Lean disciplines in conjunction with industry-leading expertise in the Kanban Method.

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