7 Benefits of using Chatbots For Customer Support


Chatbots have now become an indispensable part of human lives. Today’s consumer demand for better, faster and more personalized interaction. Chatbots are programmed to react to queries with quick answers in nanoseconds. One cannot imagine meeting customer’s expectations without chatbots in the business. Chatbots, powered by AI, are programmed to react to queries with quick answers in nanoseconds, making them a vital tool in meeting customer expectations. This rapid and personalized response capability is not just an enhancement of customer service; it’s a form of growth hacking with AI that can dramatically improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

If you are still wondering if your business is right for deploying AI chatbots, then let me show you some facts to support my statement:

  • According to Invesp, 67% of customers worldwide used a chatbot for customer support in the past year.
  • Chatbots save up to 30% in customer support costs and speed up response times.
  • 95% of consumers believe that customer service is going to be a major beneficiary of chatbots.

Let’s take a look at 7 top reasons why you should say yes to customer support chatbots:

1. Enhanced customer experience

Chatbots can respond within seconds of enquiry which is a challenging task for a human operator. On top of that, customer support chatbots appeal to your client’s emotions. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots can learn and improve with each conversation by carefully analyzing the user’s input. They ensure that the conversation with a client goes smoothly and thus improving user retention and customer loyalty. As each conversation will become more human-like, chatbots will be providing correct responses to create a better customer experience.

2. Personalization

 Chatbots help in advanced personalization from the very first interaction with the client. Chatbots can fetch information about clients at a faster pace and tailor the content accordingly. It can also make recommendations to the users according to their likes.

3. 24*7 support

A major flaw with human support is the necessity to keep an employee always working the shift. And the quality provided by the humans would be heterogeneous according to their mood and situation. A happy person attending his first customer would be full of energy whereas an exhausted person might provide a reduced quality of service. However, AI chatbots provide homogeneous service tirelessly round the clock.

4. Process automation

AI chatbots ensure that the amount of human expertise needed for simple tasks is decreased so that those resources could be relocated and used for complex tasks. This helps in improving staff and resource efficiency.

5. Brand recognition

Aside from helping clients, a chatbot can become a brand ambassador for an organization and  its services or products. Give it a name, a personality, maybe a face too and the potential customers will start associating the brand with your chatbot. Siri and Alexa are live examples of this strategy.

6. Easy scalability

The option to scale their support team is the very first thing any customer-centric business asks for. There are certain times when there is a hike in traffic to your site. It could be during peak hours or the festive season. The challenge would be to handle the rush with the same number of experts and the same support infrastructure. You will have to either increase the number of experts or work on the infrastructure. Having a chatbot ensures you do not face such challenges since it gives you the scalability to handle various conversations together on a real-time basis. Chatbots also help you improve business productivity without incurring any additional resources and charges.

7. Minimize customer support costs

Chatbots can save up to 30% of customer support costs with quality service. It can deal with numerous tickets at the same time without any delay while keeping the costs under check. Chatbots are capable of constant and automated refinement. They get trained through user queries and understand them to give the best response.

Customer service chatbots provide value to customers as well as businesses. They are here to stay and make the customer journey more pleasant and productive. They are becoming a necessity for a solid customer service strategy.

If you are planning for customer service chatbots, you might be interested to check out our chatbot builder platform – kAIron,  A web-based microservices-driven suite designed to train contextual AI assistants at scale. It makes the lives of those who work with AI assistants easy by giving them a no-coding web interface to adapt, train, test and maintain such assistants.

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