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We are the leader in the field of AI-driven Lean-Agile products. Our products and solutions are used by the best and brightest in the world like Amazon, Infosys, CTS, Wipro, HCL, Tech, Optum, and many others. Globally, NimbleWork products are used to deliver projects over $30B in value. Founded by respected Silicon Valley-based Indo-American entrepreneurs in 2002, it boasts a strong and experienced leadership with a young and highly energetic team. We are based in USA and India and working tirelessly to fulfill our vision to be amongst the top 3 worldwide!

Current Openings

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1. Full Stack Developer

Job Requirements:

  • Working with a diverse and distributed team of Product Developers, Product Owners, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and Domain Experts
  • The ability to effectively participate in remote teams with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, both technical and non-technical, is required.
  • Developing cloud native and microservices architecture-based products.
  • Collaborative design and implementation of features from frontend to middleware and database schema
  • Work on web, and mobile versions for our Products

Core Skills:

  • Communication – Ability to share your ideas and work with other developers in a collaborative environment.
  • Problem-solving – Knowing how to make a task easier, more maintainable, and stable.
  • Knowing what’s on the horizon in web and cloud-native development and when to use it.
  • Able to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies.
  • Ability to manage a complex range of tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Understanding and application of the Agile development lifecycle

Required Skills:

  • Programming JavaScript (ES5 / ES6 versions), HTML5, and CSS(SASS/LESS)
  • Knowledge of responsive web programming using ReactJS and Material design
  • Server-side programming in one of Java with Spring Boot or NodeJS with Moleculer and ExpressJS
  • Common pattenrs and designs for Fault Tolerance in Microservices with either RDBMS or MongoDB backends
  • Developing REST API services for cloud (Azure, AWS) on Open API/Swagger specification
  • Exposure to building cloud native Microservices in Spring Boot or Molecular

Good to Have:

  • Knowledge of Cloud infrastructure technologies like AWS, Azure or GCP
  • Implementation experience with CAP and RAFT algorithms
  • Working knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes
  • Functional programming in Java or JavaScript


  • BE/B.Tech/ M.E/M.Tech/MCA from a reputed university
  • 0 to 3 years of experience.
2. Product Manager

Product Manager responsibilities include:

We are looking for a Product Manager to lead the development of our Lean Agile, Kanban, and Project / Portfolio management tools.

Product Manager responsibilities include market analysis, competitive analysis, gathering feature needs, scheduling and coordinating product releases.

To be successful in this role, you should be able to identify market trends, user needs and work with cross-functional teams to complete product releases successfully. You should have played a Product Management role during the growth phase of a product.

Ultimately, you’ll help us roll-out products that deliver our company’s vision.


  • Work experience as a Product Manager or similar role in product management
  • Familiarity with lean-agile is a strong plus
  • Hands-on experience managing all stages of the product life cycle
  • Technical background with knowledge of software development and web technologies
  • Team spirit and good communication abilities
  • Good organizational skills


  • Understand customer experiences
  • Create empathy maps
  • Own a vision for the product or feature set
  • Detail out the opportunity backed by market and competitive analysis
  • Be the internal champion for the product and its vision
  • Develop product roadmaps from MVP to successive releases
  • Translate product vision to details visual designs working with the design teams
  • Be an evangelist for the products launched

 Experience:  8 – 12 yrs.

Education Qualification: MBA from a reputed institute with excellent academic record. A technical background helps!

3. Senior Test Engineer

We are looking for following qualities in you: 

  • We are looking for young dynamic individuals with creative and innovative minds who have a passion for excellence in bringing quality across various phases of software development lifecycle, not limiting to traditional quality engineering but also use of intelligent techniques for testing.
  • You should have the passion to find defects in the software under test and build the career as full stack developer in testing domain.
  • You should have worked in Test Automation, Test Environment & Test Data Management as part of continuous testing platform.
  • You should have a flair to brings the right domain context to the scrum team, act as facilitator, one of the amigos participating in BDD practices.
  • You should have an aspiration to work in Defect prediction, Testcase optimization, Failure prediction, creating intelligent reusable components in and test automation architecture across tools.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Participate in discovery, formulation, and automation of BDD practice
  • Run exploratory and acceptance tests to ensure the software created meets the requirements
  • Automate tests using tools like junit, jest, mocha, SAHI, selenium, JMeter, MABL, karate
  • Analyse Test coverage tools, SONAR outputs, test automation results, CT pipeline reports
  • Integrate test suites into the test management system and custom test harnesses
  • Understand defect tracking system, test management system, Traceability Matrix
  • Understand Test data creation, Test execution reporting, Defect reporting
  • Participate in the test automation tool research, selection process, ATDD architecture

Technical/Tools Skill Requirement: 

  • Programming Skills: Java, C/C++, Python, Ruby, javascript,
  • Automation Tools: SAHI, Selenium, JMeter, Web driver, Jasmine, Cucumber, MABL, Karate
  • Sound knowledge of API Testing and Service virtualization tools: wiremock, mountebank
  • Test Automation tools on Mobile platforms, Chatbot platforms
  • Practices and Techniques: BDD, Continuous Integration /Testing/ Delivery /Deployment.
  • Test Automation Approach: Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Knowledge of Functional Test Automation Life Cycle.
  • Exposure to Windows, Linux, Android, iOS Operating Systems 
  • Knowledge of Jenkins-Chef-Docker, Shell scripting, cloud infra, deployment pipeline
  • Knowledge of ALM domain is a plus

Experience:  3+ years

Technical Skills:

  • Must have: SAHI, Selenium, Cucumber, JAVA, REST/SOAP/Microservices Testing background, service virtualization, Microfrontend testing background
  • Good to Have: JMeter, Jenkins-Chef-Docker, Puppet, Shell scripting, Test Automation on Mobile platforms, Python, Ruby.

 Education Qualification:

B.E/B.Tech/MCA/M.Tech from a reputed institute with excellent academic record

5. Sr. Full Stack Developer

Job Requirements:

  • Working in a professional environment with a diverse and distributed team of developers, Product Owners, data scientists, business analysts, and Domain experts
  • The ability to effectively participate in remote teams with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, both technical and non-technical, is required
  • Developing cloud native and microservices architecture based products and learning skills to plan and design solutions, develop database schemas and analysis methods needed to support project goals
  • Planning and designing solutions end to end including database schema and solution architecture
  • Work on desktop, web, and mobile offerings for our Products

Core Skills:

  • Communication. Ability to share your ideas and work with other developers in a collaborative environment
  • Problem-solving. Knowing how to make a task easier, more maintainable and stable
  • Curiosity. Knowing what’s on the horizon in web and cloud-native development and when to use it
  • Adaptability. Able to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies
  • Ability to manage a complex range of tasks and meet deadlines
  • Understanding and application of the Agile development lifecycle

Key Skills: Microservices, Cloud Native Development, serverless, REST API, event sourcing, web development, mobile development, reactive programming, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, database

Required Skills:

  • Test Driven Development and the ability to apply SOLID and Clean code principles in day to day work
  • Programming JavaScript (ES6 version), HTML, and CSS(SASS/LESS)
  • Responsive web design and UI frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.)
  • Software Development in JavaScript frameworks (Ember, React, jQuery, etc.)
  • Server-side programming in at-least two of Scala, Python, Java, NodeJS
  • Database design and development for distributed systems and Microservices (preferably on PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra)
  • Developing REST API services for cloud (Azure, AWS) on Open API/Swagger specification
  • Microservices, Cloud Native or serverless application development
  • Developing for fault tolerance, high availability, localised impact of failures on cloud
  • Programming on eventual consistency, event sourcing, service mesh, sidecar proxies and observability for cloud native apps, microservices and serverless functions
  • Knowledge of Cloud infrastructure technologies like AWS, Azure or GCP
  • Strong overall technical knowledge of product life cycle including deployment, automation, platform architecture, Database, Network, Load-balancing / Clustering and Security
  • Experience in architecture, engineering, deployment and operational management of a best-in-class large scale SaaS product
  • Experience in developing Secured cloud applications (IDCS, SSO, Oauth2, SAML, Spring security, etc.)
  • Worked on server-side performance/monitoring (App-D, EM) and Logging (ELK) measurements and tuning
  • Strong technical acumen; creativity; interpersonal skills; emotional intelligence
  • Knowledge of common web application and mobile frameworks such as Spring, Spring Boot, ExpressJS
  • Demonstrated expertise in migrating N-tier architecture applications to Cloud
  • Working knowledge of Continuous Integration, Testing and Delivery

Good to Have:

  • Native mobile application development (Swift/Obj-C, Esri Runtime SDK, Xamarin)
  • Implementation experience with CAP and RAFT algorithms
  • Experience in writing descriptors or custom operators for Kubernetes
  • Functional programming in JavaScript or Python


  • BE/B.Tech/ M.E/M.Tech/MCA from a reputed university
  • 3+ years of experience
6. Principal Software Engineer

Job Requirements:

A principal software engineer at Digité is at the helm of both innovation and technology leadership and is one of the key persons responsible for developing cutting edge solutions to contribute in overall growth of the digit a family of products.

As a principal software engineer you will be contributing to the technology strategy and vision to continuously improve our products and take our technology to the future. You would also be leading teams into implementing the vision and acting as a mentor to senior and junior engineers helping them grow in their careers. Principal Software engineers are expected to have a deep hands-on software engineering, algorithms, and design experience and to contribute to the code base on a daily basis.

As we embark on our future of building world-class products on AI and Microservices, we’d certainly love joining hands with highly energetic, technically opinionated, and experienced Cloud Native, DevOps, and Agile engineers with at least a decade’s experience in Software Engineering.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • A leader amongst equals, the Principal Software engineer guides and mentors his peers into proficiency and excellence in their day-to-day work
  • Own the technical roadmap of strategic visions and bring them to life.
  • Build a culture of engineering excellence, self-learning and polyglot programming.
  • Invest learning in technology trends, their applicability to Digité products and own their adoption.
  • Contribute to the code base on a daily basis.
  • Transforming engineering teams into higher productivity


  • At least 10 years of experience in Software Development
  • Proficient in software development from inception to production releases using modern programming languages ( Preferably Java, NodeJS, and Scala)
  • Hands-on experience with cloud infrastructure, solution architecture on AWS or Azure
  • Prior experience working as a Full-stack engineer building cloud-native, SaaS products.
  • Expertise in programming and designing circuit breakers, the localized impact of failures, service mesh, event sourcing, distributed data transactions, and eventual consistency.
  • Proficient in designing and developing SAAS on Microservices architecture
  • Proficient in building Fault tolerance, High availability, and Autoscaling for microservices • Proficient in Data Modelling for distributed computing
  • Deeps Hands-on experience on Microservices in Spring Boot and in large scale projects in Spring Framework
  • Fluency in cloud-native solution architecture; designing HA and Fault-Tolerant deployment topologies for API Gateway, Kafka, and Spark clusters on cloud.
  • Fluency in AWS, Azure, Serverless Functions in AWS or Azure and in Docker and Kubernetes
  • Avid practitioner and coach of Test-Driven Development
  • Deep understanding of modeling real-world scheduling and process problems into algorithms running on memory and compute efficient data structures.
  • We value Polyglot engineers a lot, hence experience in programming in more than one language is a must, preferably one of Groovy, Scala, Python or Kotlin
  • Excellent communication skills and collaboration temperament
  • Articulation of technical matters to Business Stakeholders, and the ability to translate business concerns into technical specifications.
  • Proficiency in working with cross-functional team on refining initiatives to objective features.

Good To Have:

  • Hands-on experience with Continuous Delivery and DevOps automation
  • SRE and Observability implementation experience
  • Refactoring Legacy products to microservices

How To Apply:

Please share GitHub, one of LeetCode, Hackerank, CodeSignal profiles as part of your application

Send in your profile to [email protected]

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