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Kanban University (KU) runs several programs to build awareness and assure quality in Kanban implementations for professional services work. KU has certified Kanban courses and a full range of courses for professional development including accreditation of trainers and coaches. Kanban University (KU) also offers Kanban community events and published materials.

Kanban University (KU) was founded by renowned Kanban pioneer David J Anderson, a thought leader, consultant, and trainer on managing highly effective technology and business organizations. David is the author of the highly acclaimed “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business”and “Agile Management for Software Engineering”, besides several others. David trains and consults with organizations worldwide. You can learn more about him and his organization here.

David has been an advisor to nimble, a well-wisher, and friend whom we value deeply and turn to for advice on product strategy in the areas of Kanban and Enterprise Services Planning.

KU’s network of AKTs and KCPs

nimble has partnered with many of KU’s Accredited Kanban Trainers (AKTs) and Kanban Coaching Professionals (KCPs) to help provide our customers with the highest quality of training, consulting and coaching services, and help them in their Lean/ Agile initiatives.

These AKTs/ KCPs are based worldwide. If you are looking for high quality training and consulting services, having an AKT or KCP work for you is one of the best things you can do. Please contact us at [email protected] so we may refer you to an AKT/ KCP near you.

Under our partnership with the Kanban University (KU), we also provide independent AKTs and KCPs (other than those employed within a corporate organization) free access to SwiftKanban and SwiftESP for them to model their work on these tools and make it easier for them to demonstrate the effectiveness of many of Kanban and ESPs principles and concepts. More details of this program are available here – SwiftKanban/ SwiftESP for AKTs/ KCPs.

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Trusted Project and Work Management Tools was built to make growth scalable. Peoplelogic is a platform that monitors, alerts, and predicts outcomes around immediate risks and opportunities within your business. The tool keeps an eye on the health of your company 24/7, 365—so you can focus your time where it really counts. is redefining the way in which leaders manage, optimize, and grow their businesses. Traditionally businesses have had to base decisions on gut feelings and experience—the next normal, however, requires a new approach, one rooted in real-time data and fact.

Now that businesses are truly tech and cloud-enabled – there is a surplus of valuable data that can help businesses achieve the operational excellency that truly drives growth. This new world requires a tool that makes that data useable, prescriptive, and actionable – without any heavy lifting. is that tool.

Learn more about SwiftKanban’s integration with Peoplelogic at

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