Digité announces New Agile ALM SaaS Offering


Digité, Inc., a leading Agile ALM vendor based in Mountain View, CA, introduced its revamped SaaS offering today. Packaged as “Solutions as a Service” on the Cloud, Digité’s latest offering combines its leading-edge Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) product, Digité Enterprise, with pre-configured, pre-populated content-rich templates that model different types of activities in a technology organization. These range from standard project management activities to specific application lifecycle activities including development, maintenance, implementation and others.

Announcing the release, Digité, Inc. President and CEO, Mr. AV Sridhar said, “Digité has always been at the forefront of collaborative web-based application development environments. Since its inception, we have had an ASP offering, targeted at the smaller organization. However, in 2010, the economic, financial and technological forces have all come together to make SaaS and ‘in-the-Cloud’ applications a compelling investment model. This launch represents our most aggressive offering, especially aimed at the Small and Medium IT organizations in North America and Europe.” Clarifying that further, Mr. Sridhar said that while customers anywhere in the world could sign-up for the service, the economics would be most attractive for North American and European customers.

Digité Enterprise is a grounds-up fully-integrated/ integrating web-based Agile Application Lifecycle Management suite of products for distributed technology teams and enterprises. It offers a collaborative set of tools from Requirements Management to Change Management, Test Management, Defects Tracking and Configuration Management, supported by Project Portfolio Management and Process Governance features that provide software and IT teams end-to-end visibility, traceability and project execution capability. Having successfully established its presence with over 70 customers worldwide, Digité is now turning its attention to specific market segments with value-added offerings.

Focus on Innovation and Agility in the Cloud

Announcing the release, Mahesh Singh, VP – Product at Digité, Inc. said, “As a leading Agile ALM vendor, Digité has long provided an integrating set of products for managing all development artifacts through a single interface – from user requirements to code. The experience gathered over the last 8 years of an enterprise implementation of our product across a wide range of organizations – Corporate IT, IT Services and ISVs – has given us a unique insight into how applications and software innovation is taking place in these organizations. Our SaaS offering is intended to provide Small and Medium Businesses the benefit of an On-Demand solution that allows them to focus on collaborative innovation and problem solving while automating the overheads of managing technology initiatives, especially in a distributed environment, in an efficient and productive manner.”

Digité’s Software-as-a-Service offering provides fully-configured, templatized-solutions of Digité Agile ALM software that provide the complete functional, reporting and collaboration support that application/ software teams need. The initial solutions being launched by Digité include Iterative/ Waterfall Development, Application Maintenance and Support; and Basic Project Management solutions. Mahesh said, “Given our focus on the SMB markets, we wanted to provide the solutions that cover 70-80% of all of their application or product development activity.” Some of the key features/ benefits of the Digité SaaS offering are:

Predefined lifecycles and workflows for all key activities of the software development lifecycle Simplified and standardized project and resource management to reduce effort on ‘overhead’ activity Pre-packaged dashboards with standardized metrics and reports for effective progress monitoring Fast rollout services for the SMB market, with no upfront capital costs

Experience is the Product

Digité Technical Director, Mr. CR Parameshwaran (Param), who has been the technical architect for numerous customer implementations, and was instrumental in designing some of the key usage patterns of Digité SaaS solutions, said, “Digité SaaS Solutions should be considered ‘packaged experience’ – abstracting the combined experience of the Digité field engagement teams and Digité customers. Using this, we wanted to completely take away the complexity of implementing a sophisticated product such as Digité Enterprise – by offering pre-defined, pre-configured versions of the product suitable for different types of activities in an IT organization.”

Besides providing a completely self-contained solution, Digité’s On-Demand solutions come with a FASTart “2 Weeks to Go Live” service and unlimited web support package that will enable a small/ medium organization to be up and running on a solution within 2 weeks. Additional solutions would take 1-2 weeks additionally. Param said, “As long as a customer does not want to reconfigure or customize the solution too much, and is willing to adapt to the industry best practices, they will immediately benefit from the use of the solution.”

About Digité:
Digité, Inc. is a leading provider of Lean/ Agile Application Lifecycle Management (Agile ALM) products and solutions for the Global Delivery Model. Digité Enterprise and Swift-Kanban are Digité’s flagship products that enable technology and project organizations successfully manage technology and other projects, products and applications through effective collaboration between globally distributed teams. Available in both SaaS and on-premise models, Digité provides all critical functions needed by distributed software teams in a collaborative, integrated, web-based platform.

Digité is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.
For further information, please contact [email protected]

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