Digité changes Company Name to NimbleWork and Launches AI-powered Adaptive Project Management Products


Mar 6th, 2023, Cupertino, CA – Digité, Inc., a leading-edge Enterprise Lean/ Agile Planning and Project Management tools company, announced the change of its corporate brand from Digité, Inc. to NimbleWork, Inc.  On the occasion, it also launched range of its latest AI powered Collaborative Work and Project Management tools, under the brand name Nimble.

Making the announcement, Digité (now NimbleWork) Co-founder and CEO, AV Sridhar, said, “Digité has been at the forefront of AI-driven Enterprise Lean/ Agile planning and management solutions, providing rich insights with AI and data-driven predictive analytics to medium and large technology organizations for over 20 years.  In the last 3 years, factors including Digital Transformation, the pandemic-triggered Hybrid Work Model and the explosion of Data-driven Generative AI innovation has inspired and pushed us to do something new!  Even small and medium enterprises are becoming much more professional and organized about how they manage work and execute quickly mission critical business changes through well-run projects. NimbleWork and Nimble are our responses to this “Adaptive Project-driven Economy”! NimbleWork is going to focus on the small and medium enterprises for all our B2B SaaS offerings, while of course provide enterprise class solutions to its large customers.”

Introducing the Nimble family of products, Sudipta Lahiri, Head of Products said, “The pandemic placed a tremendous amount of pressure on remote and isolated employees to feel connected and be a part of the overall team.  Organizations have struggled to onboard new employees effectively, helping them get a better understanding of the organization and its culture. With the Nimble family of products, that includes Nimble Work Management, Nimble Agile, Nimble Hybrid, Nimble OKR as well as Nimble Retro, besides Kairon and SwiftKanban, we have made it our mission to help our customers “Humanize Work”!  Nimble users and customers will experience ‘human moments’ that help them understand the purpose of their work and empower them to have control on why, what and when they work to deliver maximum value to their customers.”

Introducing the new branding, Mahesh Singh, Co-founder and CMO elaborated – “Nimble and NimbleWork help us reinforce our messaging – “Be Nimble! Work Nimble!” to our customers and users.  In the current turbulent times, both companies and their employees must be nimble in order to survive and thrive.  We truly believe that businesses must adopt principles of agility and continuous improvement, especially in a “project-driven economy”, where enterprises are executing hundreds of small and large projects to introduce new products and services in an ever-more competitive global market.  The Nimble family of products provide a powerful combination of AI, Bots and Hybrid Agile project and work management – what analysts refer to as Adaptive Work Management – to help organization connect Strategy to Execution, thus enabling unprecedented visibility and speed of business!”

NimbleWork Products

Nimble is a powerful Work Management product family that enables enterprises to handle a variety of business and project related work.  It includes the following products –

Nimble Work Management – Nimble WM provides a collaborative and visual work management solution for range of functions – Marketing, HR, Product, Sales, Operations, Finance, and various others. Nimble WM combines visual boards and task lists with easy to set up workflows and analytics to help teams deliver more in less time.

Nimble Agile – Be it Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban or other Agile methods, Nimble Agile provides a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities to help organizations adopt Agile with ease and scale.  It includes upstream and downstream planning and execution capabilities, including Portfolio Kanban, that help product teams prioritize the right products at the right time and deliver them with speed.

Nimble Hybrid – Organizations that have complex products and/ or services or which work in more regulated environments typically run massive projects that require significant upfront planning which is a characteristic of traditional project management.  However, they too can benefit from Agile execution where they deliver value to their customers more frequently and get feedback that helps early course correction.  Nimble Hybrid combines powerful planning and scheduling with visual, agile execution for precisely such organizations. This includes rich PPM and Talent Management features as well.

Nimble OKR – OKRs have quickly become an established method for organizations to define strategic objectives and manage for desired outcomes.  Nimble OKRs provides the unique capability to connect strategy to execution and provide a clear view to leadership as to how their OKRs are being implemented on the ground, while helping delivery teams understand the purpose of the work they are doing.

Nimble Retro – Conducting the Retrospective Meeting effectively is a powerful tool for Agile teams – as well as other teams – to review their performance and draw lessons for improvement in the next set of sprints or iterations.  Nimble Retro is a standalone lightweight SaaS tool that any team can procure and conduct Retrospectives easily, using pre-built templates, workflows and action items.

Kairon from Nimble – Kairon is a powerful AI-based chatbot development, training and deployment platform for enterprises and technology companies to develop a wide range of domain-specific chatbots for different business use cases.  Using Kairon, organizations can develop, train, and deploy chatbots at a fraction of the cost of building chatbots elsewhere.

About NimbleWork, Inc. (earlier Digité, Inc.)

NimbleWork, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based provider of leading-edge SaaS products in AI-powered Adaptive Project Management that combines Work Management for a wide range of business functions, including marketing, sales, product management, operations, procurement, finance, and many others, besides its traditional base of IT, Engineering and Project Management functions. NimbleWork products are used by over 1 million users worldwide and include global brand-names such as UnitedHealthcare, Faurecia, Santander Bank, IBM Global Services, Cognizant, Wipro, L&T and numerous others. Learn more about NimbleWork at https://www.nimblework.com

NimbleWork, Inc. is headquartered in Cupertino, CA and has offices in India and UK.

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