Enterprise Agile Product company Digité Announces Leadership Hire


May 25th, 2021, Cupertino, CA – Digité, Inc., a leading Lean/ Agile Products company, announced the hiring of Anadi Misra to lead their product engineering in India.

Making the announcement, Digité Co-founder and CEO, AV Sridhar said, “The world of B2B software is being shaken up post-pandemic in the context of Enterprise Digital Transformation and Lean/ Agile transformation.  Organizations globally are seeking better and quicker ways to deliver their products and services rapidly and continuously, with the ever-increasing need of flexible work remote options of a distributed workforce and a global customer base.

As Digité expands its product portfolio and enhances its capabilities in Lean/ Agile work management, Value Stream Management and DevOps, our entire product development organization must learn to manage a modern and young workforce that expects to work with cutting-edge technologies in a flexible work environment. Anadi’s technology and engineering prowess, will significantly harness the social, knowledge and human capital of our team to move to the next level.”

Digité has been at the forefront of Lean/ Agile development and management solutions, providing rich insights with data-driven predictive analytics to technology organizations. Some of the largest global organizations such as United Health Group, Luiza Labs, Cognizant, Infosys, and Wipro are Digité’s top customers.

Elaborating on the hire, Sudipta Lahiri, Head of Engineering and Products, said “It’s a pleasure to have Anadi join us at this juncture of the company. I have personally known him for many years to be active in the Lean-Agile-DevOps community. Digité is getting ready to significantly catapult its product vision to a very different level in a short span of time. With his experience, I am very confident of making this vision a reality for our customers”.

Anadi Misra joins Digité as VP, Engineering. A philomath at heart; Anadi will lead Digité’s effort in transforming its Engineering culture and technical practices. He has donned many hats -an Entrepreneur, Test Automation, Software Developer, IT Services, Product Owner. He brings over a decade’s experience in building DevOps maturity in enterprises and startups alike. He loves working on fault-tolerance, high availability, cloud-native services and distributed systems architecture; throwing in enough of DevSecOps to keep the whole thing sane. Anadi is passionate about making software, people and processes efficient, or breaking things on the dev cluster in the name of innovation.

About Digité, Inc:

Digité, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based provider of leading-edge collaborative Agile and Lean/ Kanban products for Software/ Product Development Lifecycle, Global Delivery of technology Programs and Projects, DevOps and Project Portfolio Management. Its products SwiftEnterprise, SwiftKanban, SwiftEASe and SwiftSync are used by some of the largest IT, software and technology companies with geographically distributed global teams. Digité has nearly a million users worldwide. All its products are available in SaaS and On-Premise versions. Digité is headquartered in Cupertino, CA and has offices in India (Mumbai and Bengaluru) and UK.

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