EmpowerHer: Women in Tech Leadership

EmpowerHer Women in Tech Leadership

Join NimbleWork’s empowering Podcast Series this March as we celebrate Women’s History Month!

Across multiple sessions, we’ll dive deep into the world of project/ product management through the lens of exceptional women leaders.

This series is designed for anyone who wants to:

* The tech industry is witnessing a powerful shift, driven by the innovation and leadership of women. Their diverse perspectives are fostering a more collaborative, inclusive, and results-oriented environment, shaping the future of technology across product development and project management.

* Be inspired by the stories and achievements of trailblazing women in project management.

* Gain valuable insights on navigating the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women in the field.

* Develop essential skills for success in project management leadership roles, from communication and conflict resolution to team motivation and strategic planning.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader, an aspiring product manager, or a project management professional, join us for a month of learning, networking, and connection.

Episode 1: Be Seen, Be Heard: Building Your Brand as a Leader

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