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Did you know that Digité is an acronym for ‘Digital Transformation of the Enterprise’? That is a bit of trivia we have talked about on our website! We have facilitated organizations to take advantage of the internet and various other technologies to help them go digital over the last 2 decades using Lean/ Agile planning and execution tools and methods!

Agile transformation aids cross-functional teams working together to achieve a shared goal, while also ensuring the organization adapts to changing business and market requirements. In short, it is crucial for any organization to become Agile in order to go Digital!

In this month’s newsletter, we look at how organizations around the world are successfully transforming themselves and how we are helping!

Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence

Together with AI and Machine Learning, Digital Transformation has helped organizations become truly innovative and disruptive. In this article, Bhaskar S discusses the role of AI in Digital Transformation as one of the most important initiatives every organization needs to take up.

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Why Digital Transformation is crucial for survival in the “new normal”

In this article, Sophie Ireland notes how essential DX is under the current circumstances, along with the benefits of digitally transforming your organization.

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Digital Transformation vs. IT modernization: What’s the difference?

People often get confused between digitally transforming their business and simply upgrading their technology. In this article, Morgan Palmer differentiates between the two using five differentiating characteristics for digital transformation.

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Inside IKEA’s Digital Transformation

In this Q&A, Barbara Martin Coppola, CDO of IKEA Retail, talks about how digitally transforming their company was a challenge that has paid off.

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Digité’s Digital Portfolio

Digite has a rich set of products to support your Lean/ Agile Transformation including our AI/ ML tools such as RISHIKairon and Ditto ! If you’d like to learn more about how our products and consulting/ training offerings are helping some of the largest organizations in the world, simply reach out to us!

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