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About Nimble’s Slack based OKRs

Here’s a secret about OKRs – the success that you have with OKRs depends on collaboration and course corrections through the period the Objectives are defined for. Most organizations do not need an expensive solution – they do, instead, need a collaborative system where people come together easily to make and receive updates on progress, and make course corrections.

What The Solution Does

Nimble Objectives and Key Results (OKR) system allows you to perform (all in Slack!):

  • Set up Objectives at the Company, LOB and Team levels
  • Invite people to own KRs against the Objectives
  • Invite collaborators at each level
  • Dedicated channels for updates, discussions, and updates

Our system reflects how work really gets done – get the benefits and alignment of OKRs without elaborate tooling setup and maintenance!

What The Solution Does

We will get in touch with you when the product is ready!.