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Designed to support the needs of digital age new product introduction for small and medium sized to large, and multi-line insurers.
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Digital Transformation-Solution

Keeping up with the constantly changing insurance market means improved customer service for your customers. So, by being proactive you can be prepared to help them as soon as they need it. You need to anticipate your customer’s needs and provide them with the products that they want.

The ability to design and launch new insurance products that match customers and industry requirements in a fast and smooth manner is the key to organizational growth and success.

We make introducing new products to the market or existing products to new markets quick and easy. Whether you are an insurance startup or a more established institution, we’re here to support your growth journey.

Nimble Enterprise Helps You Speed Up The Launch Of Insurance Products

Digital Transformation Solutions

With the increasing adoption of remote insurance services, digitization, and changing demands on mobility and self service, insurers are racing to meet customer expectations and gain market share. Digital product launch allows for the use of advanced techniques to provide seamless experiences that are at the forefront of new technology.

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Being Agile

Being Agile

Nimble Enterprise is an enterprise level program planning and management platform that proactively identifies dependencies, risks to provide actionable insights that will minimize or eliminate delays and ensure market launch of products happen on time and within budgets.

Flexible, scalable, and quick

Our enterprise program planning and management platform is a SaaS offering. It can be set up in a easy and quick fashion. It supports multiple industry standard program execution methodologies making it highly flexible to meet the varying needs of different functional groups within the insurer organization. The cloud platform gives you the ability to rapidly scale up or down based on the changing needs of your organization.

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Our pre-built and easy to customize work flows for insurance product launch and new market entries help keep all functional inter dependent projects of your strategic programs on track and improve the speed to market and gain a competitive edge. Contact us today to discuss your needs and a demonstration of our platform.


With Nimble Enterprise, your teams can design and launch your Insurance Product from scratch

Nimble Enterprise is a dynamic program planning and management platform for the insurance industry. It simplifies the entire Insurance product design to market launch lifecycle – from idea generation, to business case building, actuarial and pricing, legal, contractual and regulatory approvals, changes to IT systems, designing and roll out of marketing, underwriting, customer servicing and claims operations.


The platform provides transparent and Cross-functional visibility to information and status of work across different workstreams and interdependent projects. Our pre-built reports and dashboards provide mid management as well as executive level roll up metrics with the ability to do real time drill downs for key performance areas.


Real-time collaboration within and across projects and workstreams of the program identifies cross functional risks and dependencies leading to accuracy, efficiency, and speed.

Rapid Decision-making

Stakeholders involvement for consistent, timely, and reliable information to make better decisions, faster. Our embedded AI/ML engine proactively provides actionable insights that enables accuracy and speed in decision making and taking actions

Our team of experts

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

Our consultants

We believe in innovation, collaboration, and speed. Our unique team of experts is ready to help you develop your next insurance product from scratch.

Managing a Product Launch for insurance can be overwhelming!

We’re here to simplify the process. Request for a Demo of Nimble Enterprise for Insurance!

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