Scrumban Template

Scrum with Flexibility and Visualization of Kanban – Nimble

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Scrumban provides the structure of Scrum with flexibility and visualization of Kanban making it a highly versatile approach to workflow management. Scrumban template in Nimble can help you track you flows with the help of efficient kanban board and define your sprints and release to execute your work. Keep track of your work with dashboards like Cumilative flow diagram, flow efficiency, Sprint burndown, Release velocity trend and many more. 

Why Use This Template:

  • Flexibility to define workflow with the help of Kanban board
  • Define Scrum and Release Cadence to execute your work
  • Plan your work using Story mapping, Backlog Grooming, Relative Sizing and Release planning
  • Have the flexibility to work on various workitems like User stories, Bug, Epic, Features, Risks, Action items etc
  • Analyze your execution with the help of Sprint Analytics, Release Analytics, Quality Analytics, Flow Analytics and Cycle Time Analytics

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