SwiftEnterprise 7.9 Release Webinar

Over the last few SwiftEnterprise releases, we introduced capabilities that helped build and track Agile programs effectively. We had also significantly enhanced our team level Agile execution capabilities. With SwiftEnterprise 7.9 we’ve focused on bridging the gap between these two levels by helping you estimate your work and plan its delivery to the business with the guidance of past performance

The Agile Estimation Board helps you quickly size your work using the Relative Sizing technique whereas the new Release Planning Board helps you plan work for upcoming releases. You can also start exploring ways to improve your productivity by creating zaps of your other favorite tools with SwiftEnterprise on Zapier! Along with these, we have made several usability enhancements across the application to make your overall experience better.

Here is an overview of what’s new in the SwiftEnterprise 7.9 release.

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