Forecasting: Asking the right questions for Business Agility

Forecasting in the Lean-Agile community has never had a prominent place. However, forecasts need to be made all the time for multiple stakeholders. Management needs to plan for many things – how many people do we need, of what skills, how much will it cost, etc. These are questions that do not disappear simply because teams choose to do Lean-Agile.

Similarly, end-users and customers need to be given a date by when something would be made available so that it can become the basis for the rest of the ecosystem to plan around when any product/ application/ feature is made available to its ultimate consumer.

In this webinar, the third in the series where we help Business Leaders understand how Lean-Agile thinking delivers Business Agility, we will show you how leaders can execute in a manner that not only supports Lean-Agile thinking, but also answers the above questions. We’ll also go over some of the inputs teams need to give so that such a planning process can be supported.

By the end of this webinar, we hope to give insights that will help Management and Delivery teams collaborate in a language that will make forecasting of planning essentials, possible. Planning, after all, means having the ability to not only to make a forecast of what is visible right now but also to make a projection of what could come in the future. This will help buy greater support from Management teams for their current transformation initiatives.

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About the Speaker:

Sudipta LahiriSudipta Lahiri has been in the IT industry for over 3 decades. He brings together a mix of experience across various IT Services and product companies. At Digité, he heads the Engineering and Product Management functions. He leads the development of SwiftEnterprise, SwiftKanban and SwiftEASe products. He is passionate about Lean-Agile transformation and has led Digité’s transformation process and helps various organizations in that capacity.

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