Balancing Predictability with Flow

Predictability with Flow

KPIs for software delivery leaders used to be mainly with regards to meeting delivery dates without compromising on quality – there was a lot of emphasis on predictable delivery. Nowadays, there is increasing recognition of the value of improving speed-to-market and therefore, metrics like “Change Lead Time” (CLT) have also become important. To reduce CLT, we need to improve flow which is not the same as improving predictability.

Watch the webinar where we will share how to balance the demands of flow and predictability. We will also offer practical tips on measuring and reporting flow-efficiency with your agile delivery management tool.

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Sriram NarayanSriram Narayan is an independent consultant who helps clients overcome the challenges of the digital age, ranging from improving ways of organizing and working, to improving the benefits-performance of digital initiatives. Sriram was previously VP, Transformation Advisory at ThoughtWorks. He is the author of the book, Agile IT Org Design, published by Pearson in 2015. The book was featured in a must-read list sponsored by the Harvard Business Review. You can find more details about Sriram at

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