Using Kata to Inform Leadership Decisions

Often, product development teams struggle to tell the story of how we came to the solution we’ve landed upon and delivered. In cloud infrastructure development, we use discovery technique which often involves testing new ideas to see if they solve the problem and bring the expected value we’ve intended to develop. This process often starts with an idea “a” that morphs and transforms into a product/technology “z”. Because of their position, executive leaders often don’t get this story which can lead to frustration and churn.

[rankya_youtube_schema id=”hZAu4x-WAzg” videotitle=”Cognitive Bread Crumbs: Using the Kata to inform leadership decisions by Michael Blaha” desc=”During this presentation, Michael Blaha dives into how Kata can be used to tell the story of learning and evolution of ideas to executive leaders.
” durationmin=”51″ durationsec=”05″ uplod=”2017-04-12″ rating=”TRUE”]

Michael Blaha has a manager and product management role in the cloud infrastructure team that helps design and build the new services and technologies that power Optum Cloud. Helping to catalyze a Lean and Agile evolution in Optum’s corporate culture, Michael has been a change agent and proponent of extensive adoption of Kanban and DevOps in the organization.

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